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Day Residue

If you haven't visited my new dream website and read the main front page article, 'Understanding Dreams:
Perspectives From the Ancients Through Modern Times', you might want to take a minute to do so. Interesting info about dreams.

Why the new dream web site? Myths-Dreams-Symbols is more 'indepth' and dedicated to Jungian ideas. The new site is general info about dreams. If I can get people to become interested in dreams with a more 'mellow' approach, hey, it may work well.
Also it has been some time since I designed a new website. I truly enjoy being creative.

Dreams A 2 Z

I believe the following paragraph from the article is important to consider when interpreting dreams:

In his quest to discover the role of dreaming, Jung also concluded that dreams are not only relevant to the dreamer's life, but that they are all parts of "one great web of psychological factors." Such things as events, movies and people seen the previous day also play a role in dreaming. Sometimes referred to as day residue, these memories leave impressions for the unconscious to deal with when the ego is at rest. The unconscious "reenacts" these glimpses of the past, in the form of a dream.

I believe a younger person's dream will be more focused on this day residue more so than the deeper issues older people, and younger people who do have deeper issues, experience. Of course we are getting into the deeper layer of unconscious, Jung's collective unconscious, when we begin to analyze the more 'complex' psychological conflicts.


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