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    Two VERY strange dreams Please Please help!

    I've just woken up crying from a dream i had.
    i was at a party where there seemed to be a lot of kids of all different ages. One little boy who looked to be of latino background came up and was talking to me. He said his dad had taught him how to kill people and hurt others and commit other crimes. he couldnt have been more than 5 years old and i told him not to say things like that and he told me to shut up or he'd do the same to me. I left the party and he came up to me and told me he would stab me. i didnt believe it and went home to an apartment that i lived in on the second floor (the apartment is my mothers and in real life i dont usually live there except for when i visit her) I was a little bit scared so i locked the door and kept going back to check out of the peephole if the boy was there. One time when i went to check he was there and he had a small pocket knife. He said i should open the door because he just wants to chat.i went into my bedroom and called my friend elaine who live beneath me (she doesnt really in real life) and told her to call the police. She said she couldnt because she was at work. I dont know why but i was afraid of calling the police. I crossed my friends name of a list that i had. The boy kept looking at the knife and telling me to open the door as if he was my friend. I grabbed a knife from the kithen which had a really small blade and a wooden handle and when i came out into the hall he was inside. we somehow grabbed each others hands and were wreslting to get the knifes from each other. He was stronger than me and his knife just kept cutting my hands making it to slippery for me to grab onto my knife or his. I woke up at this point.

    THe other dream i had i was out in a parking lot at night with my friend and we walked past four girls sitting on the ground. One stood up and told my friend she wanted to bash her. I couldnt move and watched my friend get beaten up. In life my friend is normally the sort of person to fight back or at least try but this time she just lay there crying and covering her eyes. I realised she could be seriously hurt so i tried to get the girl off her. another girl came in and started beating me up. My friend and i lay on our stomachs and i had one hand over her head and one hand over my head. The hands on heads i remember specifically. In life my friend is actually moving away interstate soon and in the past few months we have distanced ourselves and not been as close as we once were because of her new boyfriend being controlling and my not getting along with him.

    Please help these dreams really freaked me out!

    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 17 Australia

    Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} Female

    How Did You Find the Dream Forum? yes

    Re: Two VERY strange dreams Please Please help!

    This is a long explaination so please bear with me. I want to state my thoughts to your dreams so you will understand as best you can where I am coming from. Dreams speak in symbolic language and I want to provide you with termnology you will understand {in dream speak, not that you are unable to understand intelligence wise}.

    Let's look at the second dream first since it a bit shorter {longer dreams can be more difficult to understand}. Since there may be a related pattern in both we may better understand the first dream if we can decipher the second.

    I think your statement "The hands on heads i remember specifically" may go a long way in explaining this dream, and perhaps the first. Outside the violence in both dreams, the dream seems to be addressing a 'mental' attitude {The hands on heads} on your part. Your girlfriend may actually be you and you are trying to protect yourself from mental anguish, possibly to do with relationships in general, and this girlfriend in particular. I'll explain.

    You state this girlfriend is moving away and the two of you have distanced yourselves. The reason given is her controlling boyfriend. Unconsciously you may be feeling emotional pain because of the loss of friendship with your girlfriend. In this light it would be you who is being attacked by others {others being other emotional aspects you possess}. It is not a literal physical attack but an symbolic emotional attack. The dream uses your girlfriend as a metaphor for your emotions, yet she is being attacked in the dream because she is the main reason for these emotions {you are essentially attacking yourself emotionally over this relationship}. Dreams will use people, places and things in a variety of ways to address emotional conflicts in your waking life. In this dream your girlfriend is shown as herself {she is causing the emotional pain} but also as you, the person on the receiving end of that pain.

    On a deeper level you may be attacking yourself because of loss of this relationship. Consciously you may blame her but unconsciously you may also feel you are to blame. In such a case you would be 'bashing' yourself in the head {symbolic for your mental self} over these conflicts with her.

    To verify my interpretation you need to look at the relationship and your true feelings. If the above fits then it is probably what the dream is addressing. Unless there was an actual physical attack in real life on your girlfriend the sequence of events in your dream are purely metaphorical.

    The first dream
    This dream is also centered on physical attacks. But this time is a boy you are engaged in combat. My first thought, and a question for you, has there been any experiences in your recent waking life that had to do with young boys? Not that it need to be a boy attacking you but any contact with a young boy. This may explain why there was a boy {unknown} in your dream. Also look at the Latino connection. Has that any relevance in your recent waking life experiences? Are you Latino?

    The boy attacking you would be metaphor {unless there was a real attack in your waking life by a boy}. I get the sense this dream may be addressing deeper emotional issues. The peephole may represent your unconscious mind trying to 'peep' back into your past. The boy may or may not represent a true boy. He may represent some small experience you had when you were younger. The boy would then be an animus figure {masculine aspects you possess}. There may still be emotional conflicts from this past experience and the dream wants you to 'open' the door so to communicate these conflicts to your waking conscious mind {unconsciously you are already working through these emotional conflicts- that is a primary function of dreams}.

    But this dream mentions a list of friends. You cross off one name. This may be alluding to your girlfriend in the second dream. This dream has come full circle. The violent attacks and your friends are two common items in both dreams. My guess is there may be emotional conflicts from your past, perhaps to do with feeling abandoned that coincide with similar feelings you are experiencing today. The attacks in your dreams are upon yourself, emotionally. You are 'wrestling' with yourself over these emotional issues but since these are still unconscious events {they will remain so until you are able to sort it all out} the cutting experiences from your past, and present, will still be an issue in your life. At the present time you do not have the ability {slippery hands} to do much about these conflicts.

    At issue, if I am correct about my interpretation, is conflicts within yourself about friendships {and loss of}. This may date back to early childhood where there may have been experiences of abandonment. You mention your mother living apart from you. What is the story behind that? Are there emotions still in conflict from those early life experiences? If so there may be this pattern of emotional disturbance over feeling abandoned by friends and not being able to handle it. Of course I am assuming a lot but I often sense things in dreams that are true in real life.

    If you will give your impressions about what I have written perhaps we can learn more about the meaning{s} of these dreams. The more I know about you the better the chance of giving a correct interpretation to your dreams.


    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 56 Murfreesboro, Tn.

    Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} Male

    How Did You Find the Dream Forum? Yes

    Re: Two VERY strange dreams Please Please help!

    I think the first and the second has to do with all the news about the wars, pain and suffering in the world, and your inability to do anything about it. You must remember, you are only human and one person, the news is frighting sometimes.Be the best person you can be and pray. Leave it all with GOD.

    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 48/Ohio

    Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} Female

    How Did You Find the Dream Forum? No

    Re: Two VERY strange dreams Please Please help!

    heya. right, in my opinion the first dream reflects a violent past or a deep fear of something happening along those lines. Did you perhaps have a traumatic event in your childhood, that at the time you blocked off from your mind because of your inability to cope? Or did you have a burgulary that went wrong and ended in violence, and then resulting in the criminal not being prosecuted, which might end in your fear of the police? i really think you should try hard to remember any event in your childhood that you found difficult to cope with, or perhaps to even remember until you delve deeper.

    As for the second, the hands thing obviously signifies and represents your love for your friend you care for her so deeply and to such a great extent that you want to protect her, the inability to help her is perhaps the presence of the annoying and over protective boyfriend? preventing you from getting closer to her. Attempt to get close again, perhaps ring her up and have a chat because friends shouldn't be forsaken for men! Plus, the boyfriend might be past history now? Which would be good news Good luck in future dreaming x

    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 17 - England

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