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  • 6. All dreams have at least two meanings or applications. One is the symbolic representation, metaphorical of the emotional energies, and the second being a literal application where a person, place or experience is addressing a real life experience. More about this in the Basics of Dream Analysis section at Power of Dreams

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    That Room...again

    Hi All,
    Could use some help with a set of symbols...

    1. Sue is the Director of the domestic violence shelter. We’re both members of a local council & run into her at local work related events.
    2. Armory is now a kids/teen center. Was a real armory back in the day.
    3. The room and wall…in prior unrecorded dream.
    4. Never been in an abusive adult relationship. Was sexually abused in childhood although doesn't feel to relate to this dream.

    Pull over onto gravel half circle turn around. Stick sign in ground. Something about a shelter drill, this would be the bus pick up point for transport to shelter. (At some point in the dream I realize the sign is still out & it must be retrieved so people don’t mistake it for a real bus stop.)

    Meeting with Sue at the Armory to inspect site for possible shelter agreement. Touring the building. Talking with several (much older) board members about shelter ops. Answering their questions, gently correcting ones misunderstanding as to what a disaster is and when we’d open a shelter. Sue and I leave to tour the rest of the building. It’s a very old building. She tells me the history of the building, (eithe was or now is an orphanage), historical use of each room and current use (classrooms, sleeping areas, kitchen, etc). Entire building was remodeled. As we walk through, I note each room and log it in the shelter survey, defining and assigning use areas. We enter the last room, she excuses herself to take a call. Walking around, large room, neutral wall paper with small flower design, fire going in the stone hearth. Looking around, eyes follow wall up. The wall is so tall it seems endless, can barely make out ceiling. (Think, I have seen this before, it’s important!) Above normal room height, the wall is paneled in square and rectangle wood ‘tiles’ that form an interlocking pattern. Each tile bears the name of a person who has lived here in this building that is now ‘dead’ Sue returns. Begin asking her a question about the room, wall and tiles. (Wake)

    Individuation interpretation:
    Self work (work), some issues resolved (remodeled), current Self work in personal relationships. Prominent theme in dream revolves around shelter, protection, defense, history, abandonment. I’ve known for some time I don’t form emotional bonds as a defensive/self protectionist act. The room, wall, tiles with dead people’s names, height, interlocking pattern...seem to symbolize the source of the issue. But I do not see the symbolism.

    Any input is greatly appreciated. Even if you see a different theme in the dream.

    Kind regards,

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    Re: That Room...again

    Could the shelter relate to your childhood abuse? The subject title of your post is 'That Room...again. Could very well be a 'Freudian' slip, the unconscious still trying to comprehend those past emotions. Could this be your endless wall? Although you may have worked through most of the trauma from those experiences they can linger long after. A childhood void of the essentials never fully recovers {I say this with my own childhood in mind}. A part of you is dead and it can never be recovered {childhood}.


    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 56 Murfreesboro, Tn.

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    Re: Re: That Room...again

    on first reading your post my intuition must have been in hibernation,
    while watching a tv programme,it hit me,
    hall of remembrance,
    with what gerard has said and indeed your own observations,
    this dream may be reflecting memories possibly repressed or forgotten that may be influencing you unconsciously,unfinished business,
    and the,that room again syndrome, de-je -vue almost,
    could reflect a period of self reflection,
    bringing to the surface feelings and emotions you would sooner forget,or thought where dealt with,
    it is impossible to rid oneself of the past memories,
    the best we can do is come to terms with them,
    what is anothers mistake,
    is not always ours,


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    Re: That Room...again

    Gerard & Steve,

    Thank you both for your insight. I believe you are both correct. Hall of remembrances is the room. This dream is from 12/16. The dream was psychological preparation for the usual discussions centered on childhood, childhood memories, that always accompany our family gatherings. I had planned to visit family over Christmas holiday yet opted out at the last minute taking the on call shift. Consciously I did not want to go. The dream revealed the unconscious source of the conscious decision. I did visit over the New Year holiday.

    The positive note to this dream is realization, rather than understanding, Self is a composition of interlocking psychological experiences that form patterns of behaviour. Six degrees of separation in the Psyche.

    Kind regards,

    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 44 Central OH

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