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My Nissan Bakkie?

Sorry, I'm from OZ and havn't heard that song. I do like the De La Rey song though, even though I can't speak Afrikans. I have a lot of family on one side in SA, and the future of my cousins is pretty crap compared to us.

The discrimination there against white people is terrible. I remember when I went to PE as a child, it reminded me alot of Perth. Last time I went there a few years ago, I couldn't help but notice it was like a city that had frozen in time at 1990 and had nothing spent on infrastructure since.

Maybe you don't notice these things when you live there day in day out, but it seemed insane that people had stolen the safety rails from bridges and high-ways.

So keep up your site, your comments arn't odd or crazy, your just slowly being surrounded by an asylum which makes the stupid look normal!


PS. Im curious, whats the Nissan Bakkie song?

Re: My Nissan Bakkie?

The "bakkie" song is an extremely sick racist song recorded somewhere by someone at somebody else's home (I'm sure). Probably in some drunken stupor - they probably thought it was funny at the time.
The song makes fun of a case we had where a farmer dragged one of his workers with his truck around the farm.