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Re: Re: Howzit from Gerryland (no pun intended!)

Howzit Gerrie,

ooops... NFS underground? (sounds like a game?)

Yep, I'm one of those silent 'regulars' that make you sweat, 'cause some like it hot (off the press, straight from the horses mouth with a touch of critisism)

Jaaa, I do believe the crazy things that happen in SA can begin to become 'normal' after some time. I find myself overreading some IOL news, thinking 'oh I've seen that already'.

But then, honestly things are'nt going so great here at the moment as far as politics is concerned either! it looks like the ol' "browns" are back with a vengance and spreading the usual neonazi bull****. The okes that are complaining about foreigners taking away their jobs, are the "idiots" who haven't learnt a trade and would prefer the dole anyway.

You see, the grass is always greener on the other side. Whether the "SPD" or "CDU/CSU" is in power here, makes no difference, everyone complains and wants the opposing party back. But if they both can't get into gear, then the right wingers get their chance... bad news for us here in gerryland.

You bet I miss the summers... braaivleis, biltong, chutney and aquafresh ;-) But there are some cool comparisons here too you know... snow, skiing, oktoberfest, autobahn, kulture and safety. Oh what I'd give to duck to Saudi's or Durbs for the weekend and have a lekker dive. Or throw some 'blitz and charcoal' into the Webber and have a lekker braai with steak, chops and boerewors.

Our last summer was pretty hot too you know, we had our potjie and homemade borewors (not to compare to the real thing) and my ol' lady really knows how to cook up a great boeboetie and malva pudding. To top it all, my son was born this summer! He's a sturdy chap and will surely follow in pa's footsteps. As soon as he's old enough to see the world, I'll be taking him and the little lady to see my home.

O'raait boet, I've got plenty work myself

see ya


Re: Re: Re: Howzit from Gerryland (no pun intended!)

Hi Boet SCUBA!
Just noticed your message above, re. my comments in the aftermath of our SA visit in June/July of 2004.

I'm happy that your reaction to my opinions was a positive one, as I was completely sincere in recounting my impressions of each South African citizen with whom I came into contact. Over the years, I have traveled, resided and worked in several countries other than the U.S. and I am being completely honest when I say that I exprienced a most special feeling about your home country, which I have felt nowhere else. I pray the-powers-that-be in SA will seriously take stock of the special blessings they have, and not destroy your wonderful country and its people, as some "neighbors" have done and are doing.

It would be lekker to have the opportunity to meet you, one day.
God bless, boet!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Howzit from Gerryland (no pun intended!)

Sorry 'bout the faulty e-mail address above. This one is correct.