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Re: Re: Re: Howzit from Gerryland (no pun intended!)

Hi Boet SCUBA!
Just noticed your message above, re. my comments in the aftermath of our SA visit in June/July of 2004.

I'm happy that your reaction to my opinions was a positive one, as I was completely sincere in recounting my impressions of each South African citizen with whom I came into contact. Over the years, I have traveled, resided and worked in several countries other than the U.S. and I am being completely honest when I say that I exprienced a most special feeling about your home country, which I have felt nowhere else. I pray the-powers-that-be in SA will seriously take stock of the special blessings they have, and not destroy your wonderful country and its people, as some "neighbors" have done and are doing.

It would be lekker to have the opportunity to meet you, one day.
God bless, boet!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Howzit from Gerryland (no pun intended!)

Sorry 'bout the faulty e-mail address above. This one is correct.