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This statement from my interpretation seems to fit what you are saying, "The relationship with your mother, and then your husband seems to have ties. My sense is there are aspects of childhood experiences involving your mother that relate to your relationship with your husband in the present." Shared traits would be the common denominator. Also, could there be experiences from childhood that involved your mother and her relationship with your father that may also fit with what you are experiencing in your marriage?

Looking back over your posted dream The Crime in an Underground Tunnel there may be associations to your husband, the unnamed man in the dream. The crime may have to do with your relationship with him. He may have changed in recent times {the 3 men}, not who he used to be.
And/or the 3 men could be referencing 3 men in your life. Your husband would probably be one of them. You father may be another. Is there a third man in your life? That man could be your masculine aspects.

Going back to your Slasher Dream. The slasher may be unconscious forces 'slashing' away at you because of undiscovered/unresolved emotional conflicts. It may be addressing childhood experiences but not necessarily traumatic experiences of someone actually 'slashing' you {the black men}. But it could be addressing such possibilities. The puppies, especially the one that has gotten separated, my be about 'mother' issues.

The Time Traveling puts you in a different time dimension, something you done before. That may suggest repeated experiences. Perhaps experiences in childhood being repeated as an adult {your experiences as a child with your mother that you may now be experiencing in some form as an adult}. Those early life experiences have influenced who you are now. A question I had asked in my interpretation, "Are you a lot like your mother {perhaps many shared experiences}? again brings up 'mother issues'. Another statement from my interpretation may be relevant to this present dream; "Perhaps relationships with the male species are in common". And yet another statement from that dream that may be revealing, "The one woman represents the past and the other is the present".

Could the years in the Time Traveling dream 1929 and 1930 have any associations to your mother?

Digest what I have given here and let me know if it awakens anything within you. Jung said it always takes a series of dreams to really to begin to understand what is within the unconscious. If I am on the right track then perhaps looking back over all these dreams and the interpretations can reveal more today than when they were first given. That is another truth Jung so=poke about, seeing more later on than when the dream first was dissected. That only makes sense.

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