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Re: Leading a donkey to water

Here is my take on the dream. as is the norm the dream is dealing with an emotional conflict or conflicts that were cause by earlier experiences in life.

You are working to confront/resolve those individual emotional conflicts that placed a heavy load on you. There may be a resistance in confronting these issues due to the shock they can cause when you think about the experiences. These emotional stresses been restrained in your unconscious but are being exposed more and more. As individual experiences come out there is an acknowledgment by your psyche that knows you must confront the past experiences so a healing can take place. You need strength to acknowledge the turmoil they will cause when you confront them consciously. When the emotional conflicts are acknowledged there is an exposure that threatens your waking conscious life. Something from your past, years ago {decade} has contaminated your psyche. You must let these emotions out so you can consciously deal with them.

What happened a decade ago that may have cause an emotional trauma? It has been stored in your unconscious but now is slowly revealing itself. It is probably something that causes a shock to your psyche when you now think about them and remember the experiences. Something may have triggered the unconscious to bring them back to consciousness.

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