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Re: reoccurring themes

One other thought before I head to the gym for one of my thrice weekly workouts {physical fitness has been a part of my lifestyle for the past 33 years}.

I doubt there are many if any at all of the archetypal discoveries that can be added to that Jung has no already presented. But cultural aspects may be a different thing. One criticism for the limitations of Freudian psychology was due to Freud's limited introduction to various levels of people on a social/economic scale. Freud's primary practice as a psychologist was limited to the wealthy, elite in Vienna, especially women who suffered from what Jung called a social induced fad aliment. On the other hand Jung worked with many different peoples on the social/economic scale and thus explored the wider possibilities {and thus his wider discoveries}. We know he even worked with homosexuals. But what experience did he have with Africans, African Americans or other people with dark skin {I may be asking a question that has a simple answer}? The archetypes would be the same since the origins of mankind, archetypes, are to be found within all humans. But could the cultural difference affect the dream or the psyche? Would it make a difference in the dream of a black woman who dreams of a black man on an archetypal scale? Joseph Campbell spoke of the Black Madonna or Dark Goddess as a significant archetypal symbol of transition in a man's dream. In fact I had such a dream of Kali just at a time I was undergoing a major transition in my life. This is a feminine archetype that possesses great powers to affect the psyche. Could there be the same associations to to your High John as with my Kali dream?
Inquiring minds need to know.

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