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Re: Dream -Trying to save a Pleco fish!

The images/actions point to unconscious emotional energies that affect your conscious life. Hidden aspects, locked away either consciously because of prior experiences that can cause emotional upset if acknowledged, or repressed because of the emotional energies from the experiences. The energies seem to be very strong, enough to affect your everyday life. You can not be your true self because of these emotional energies related to past experiences. Those past experiences could be from childhood {where the foundations to your psyche and personality were formed} and/or negative experiences later in life that can cause emotional stress. The last line of the dream {
I was distraught about this poor little fish/it really affected me} could point to childhood aspects, probably yours but also could relate to some other experience involving a child.

This is my interpretation of the images/actions from your dream. I normally do this with most dreams to provide insights to how I came to my analysis. It also may help with understanding the emotional energies from the dream.

To better understand how dreams function {using Jungian psychology} I direct you to my page A Simple Gide to Dreams

-pleco fish-a part of yourself that is hidden and is feeds on your unconscious emotions
-zip pocket of handbag-aspects that are locked/hidden away
-everyday handbag-affects your normal self
-alive but struggling-struggling to cope with hidden issues/emotions
-hold of its head/desperate to breathe-mental aspects that need to be brought out
-glasses of water to keep it wet-emotions that continue to affect you
-silvery color/not normal color-emotional aspects that cause you not to be yourself


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