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Re: White Bird

" Do you have occasions where you feel sorry for yourself? "

Yes , unfortunately often .

"Something is missing in your life that may be related to childhood and may have to do with your mother of mothers in general. Those issues may have to do with relationship with women in your adult life"

I would say it is a maternal issue and yes I have had problem with relationships in general (as a shy person ) and specially with women.
I remember some childhood fantasies in which I imagined my mother as a cruel and very controlling person . Actually I had some difficulties to ask my parents for the things children ask. But at the same time I have always received a strong support from my mother who always tried to compensate for my father who was not a very caring person.

Re: White Bird

Childhood experiences, especially early childhood, become the basic foundations for personality, traits and attitudes that go with you in adult life. Genetics/inherent characteristics play a role also and the two aspects need deep examination so to discover what can be done to resolve negative traits. Shyness is not by chance, there are reasons for it. As is all traits and personal attitudes. Dreams are nature's device in helping discover and resolve the 'negatives'. Psychological counseling using dreams is the best path in this discovery and resolving the negatives. You may want to try this approach.


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