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Re: My mother and money

Very spot on, Jerry. Money and values and art absolutely. I have decided to not sell my art unless someone asks me. So no Etsy and no self promotion. This allows me to focus more on the content of my art then the pretty result. Phew...

I have two son's and one bought a house very near me here. We are very close and I love my daughter in love. My son majored in Economics and was in the Navy.Both those are not in my value system, but I always and continue to support what he wishes to do. My own parents did not do this to me. They hated my art endeavors and would not allow me to pursue them. I mean I was punished for it (grounded). As an adult I have always put my creative endeavors first and this has served me. But most of the above is from my father and I have since accepted it. Fathers protect and provide and he did both and I believe he was afraid of the art world (including performing) from his own childhood experiences in that vain.

So what were my mother's values? Having money and looking good on the outside so one was better then everyone else. She feared a change in this status, I think. I am sort of drawing a blank and if the connection is apparent to you, please let me know. These things can be so obvious to everyone else, but not to ourselves so often.

My son values money more than I and thankfully I am self sufficient till the day I die.

Is any of this helpful.

As always, thank you, thank you, thank you -Peggy

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Re: My mother and money

Thanks for the follow up response. The continuous experiences related to money and values {son's value system} as well as your art are the aspects the dream is attempting to communicate and help you resolve. Childhood experiences/influences are at the center of these developed attitudes. But you have chosen well in letting your art be the major force in living your life. Creativity is at the core of the soul's purpose and when we live from the creative self there will always be a source for wholeness and well being. Of course in this material world there will always be the challenges that are not a part of your value system. This is probably why you have these type dreams since you are constantly having to confront the issue. Reconciling the childhood experiences is important in being able to approach the issues objectively and not emotionally . Having examined those early life experiences {your conscious knowledge of your father and mother's role in your upbringing} you are on the correct path to understanding how this plays into the equation. That will help with in being able to endure what you can not change {the material world in which we live} and help strengthen your own value system. Creativity and spirituality is system the soul values.


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