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Re: My crush had a picture of me

I appreciate the response. I can see how the analysis fits in relationship to the male friend you have strong feelings for. If you wish to comment on the deeper issues, the childhood experiences possibly involving the relationship with your father, I believe we will see how it fits that also.

Addressing the images and actions with your response. As I stated in my analysis the dream title often provides great insights into what the dream message is. My crush had a picture of me/translated 'how you see yourself/a mental imprint that remains persistent in your mind'. How you see the relationship which is a persistent emotional issue you are carry with you. Fits pretty well.

Literal applications. It is not unusual to have actual literal associations pinned in a dream. Not the norm in contrast to the symbolic application but occurs. The opening of being in school is both literal as well as metaphorical. You are now indeed in school with him. Of you look at your personal life and the interpretation of the school I believe you will find associations there as well. All dreams, all dream images have at least two meanings/applications.

A constant with the images and actions is the message of expressing your true feelings, using your masculine aspects to express what you have been avoiding. Your response, "if I tell him that I am again in love with him, he gonna be really disappointed and he gonna give up on our friendship." Again fits well with your true self.

"If I tell him that I am again in love with him...." You want to but have fears. My analysis of the desire/need to embrace masculine aspects to express your true feelings, that seems to fit well. As is the 'releasing or a need to release all those pent up emotions', that is the issue that is in conflict. The dream is attempting to help resolve that issue {as all dreams do}.

What is the answer to the conflict? The ending of the dream often provides clues to what that is. A need for a release of the pent up emotions. Whether that is the best solution is in debate. A conundrum in your waking life, "he gonna be really disappointed and he gonna give up on our friendship"/"I am not capable of going through the same suffering like before." The dream language seems to be addressing that specific. 'On the wallpaper there was my picture and I felt', translated into covering up your true feelings {wallpaper} and 'was my picture', a mental imprint that remains persistent in your mind and 'I felt really emotional', a way for you to act out the feelings that you normally would not express if you were awake {expressing your true self/feelings in the dream.

It is important to know I used the dream dictionaries to analyze your dream. And it worked. The reason I have designed the pages Interpreting Your Dreams Using A Dream Dictionary. The next you have instead of consulting astrology use these pages {and my dictionaries}.


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