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Re: Dream Sequence 1 - TJ Miller Dream

Hi Jerry,

I do remember hearing about the incident about TJ Miller but then just not paying much attention to it. I know that I think he is a strange bird, a weird kind of funny (which, I often describe myself has having a weird kind of funny, and sometimes think that I am a strange bird, too, so maybe that is it?)

I do find myself trying to work through old patterns and behaviors of thinking and trying to forge a new inner path for myself, to have it extend outwardly into my life. I know that this will take some time. I am trying to push past limitations that I believed applied to my current life situation, but never took a good hard look at. Now I find myself questioning where those initial thoughts/beliefs come from. I guess that I have found that I identify with my dad's professional life when he was working (he is now retired) he worked in a career that he hated - maybe abhorred is a better word - it has more weight - but he felt "stuck" due to obvious reasons, money, taking care of family, etc. I have felt "stuck" myself for quite some time now myself, and I am now beginning to examine that and work to break free from that thinking, since my thoughts/actions etc. have brought me to this point. I am taking responsibility for those actions and would like to take the next step to now changing my life for the better, or one that resonates more "me".

I have patterns of negative/stuck thinking that are a work in progress (tackle each thought as it comes). I am looking forward to making my life better and I am looking forward to altering the course of it.

This statement resonated with me me: "I sense this is him putting blame on you in some aspect. Your mother reprimands him, metaphorically speaking your wiser self {mother} rebuking aspects of the relationship with your father." (I recognize the blaming) and this also resonated with me: "But you are still waiting to drink, still seeking to finding the new life you want. The 'disregarding him' language may be pointing to the unconscious aspects in the relationship. Consciously you are trying to move past him but the unconscious energies that remain unresolved {his treatment of you} are still ingrained in your psyche. This is what most people don't understand. There may be a sense you have put such issues behind you but as long as they unremain 'unconsciously' unresolved they will remain an obstacle. The ridiculous language may be a synonym for comical which is what TJ Miller is, an actor and comic.".

I am glad that I posted this dream and the other. I will take better care in learning more about the conscious/unconscious aspects and continue to apply what I learn.


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