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Re: Dream about holding hands what does it mean?? Please help:'(

Here is my amplification of the images and actions from this dream post. Included are observations you provided since they are directed related to the dream. I'll provide a final analysis after you answer the questions in your other dream posted dream He saved me while I was being chased.

Amplification of Images and Actions
holding hands
-your connection with a person/yourself.

a guy staring at me from behind
-masculine energies being unconsciously/subconsciously examined

we were at uni in a amphitheatre
-university-higher understanding/learning
-amphitheatre-desire for wholeness

kind of a room/he was behind me
-an important inner aspect related to the masculine

he was watching me
-focused on masculine energies/aspects

I went to get something from someone close to him
-possessing and advancing similiar aspects

as I was getting back to my seat he moved next to me
-a position you have experienced

he took my right hand in his
-inner masculine aspects

I was OK with it

I felt very comfortable and safe
-positive aspects

When I tried to pull my hand back he only held tighter as if idk I felt like he was trying to comfort me
-tried to pull my hand back-revocation of unconscious energies

he only held tighter
-masculine aspects having strong control

I felt like he was trying to comfort me
-finding comfort by reassuring yourself

I know that guy so he's not necesarry a stranger
-not a new masculine experience

we have the same classes
-similiar masculine experiences

he's always looking at me kind of weird
-intuitive examination of masculine aspects/experiences


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