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Re: A Decision I didn't want to make

Anonymous 08,
Thanks for the response. Not only is it a learning experience for those of us who study dreams, it also allows me to provide more about the dream and what can be done to help you understand it and yourself.

Your relationship with you father, and mother, have helped shape your personality. The father part comes through in the dream and that is likely because not that is a bad father in as much as the less than poor relationship you had with him in early life. As I stated previously we are all shaped by early life experiences/influences and a childhood where there is a lack of adequate expression of love is ingrained in the early psyche development of a child. Individuals manifest the inadequacy in personal ways but we are our childhood as adults. Self expression is important no only in social life but also internally. What holds you back is unconscious energies brought about by childhood life. Choices in life are influenced by what s learned by early life experiences. Infatuation is not unusual in itself but what or you are infatuated with may be associated with early childhood. The boy you have a crush on may be opposite from your dad or there may be commonality. It is not always the case but something to consider.

There is good news about the dream and your father relationship {and mother as well although not specifically in this dream}. Knowing the energies exist is a step in resolving what is out of balance. If you know the tendencies you can work to resolve them. It is not knowing that can lead one down the wrong path. Decisions are not always consciously driven. The unconscious energies influence all aspects of life. Dreams are windows to these energies. At this stage in life you are more focused on teen life, social environment and peer acceptance. But later in life the unconscious energies, if not resolved, can lead to wrong decisions. Your personality and personal attitudes are tied to early life and if you know what drives you decisions will tend be less emotional {as in infatuation} and more objective. In the dream your best friend represents a part of you that is lacking and what is to be incorporated into your personality. The dreams is as much about the deeper self as it is your infatuation and determination on which way to take the relationship. You were right with the question, "if me misinterpreting the instructions to the assignment have anything to do with my understanding of the situation that occurred." But as much about the deeper issues than your crush.

Take time to read some of my pages at Power of Dreams. My page The Importance of Dreams is a good starting point. Jungian psyche is quite 'deep' and I have attempted to make it more simple to understand {I am of average intelligence but with a keen intuitive mind}. Understanding the archetypes can be helpful as well. We are all born with inherent instincts and when this are lacking {as interpreted with your relationship with your father in this dream} then you are 'out of balance' psyche wise {psychology}. What is out balance is the focus in our dreams with the dream intent to bring balance to the psyche. It is a natural aspect, nature gave us the dream as a tool to resolve the what is out of balance. Just as the body has an immune system to heal and protect, the psyche has the dream.


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