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Re: Dream

I working on a reply to your response. I'm curious about your PDD {neurological} disorder in how it fits with my analysis since a normal interpretation doesn't usually encounter your condition. After some research to become familiar with the disorder I am now aware that it is a neurodevelopmental disorder {which is mental condition that affects the body's 'wiring system'}. Neurology and psychology go hand in hand and anything 'mental' has psychological implications. Not surprising for me because dreams are about emotional energies and they can offer information about the total/whole self as well including the physical which contains the nervous system {a burning house could represent a high fever as an example}. Neurology is a field very closely related to psychology so it would not be unusual for your dreams to address your PPD since the psyche is about the whole self beyond just the emotional energies that affect, influence or control the conscious life. I will go back over my analysis and see how it all fits into the equation of the dream message. At first glance I can see by just changing a few words with related terms will fit with your PDD. It is the final message that is important and hopefully I will be able to provide that upon further analysis.


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Re: Dream


Thank you very much so far for your efforts. Already it's given me a lot to think about and reflect to situation at the time. I've had a lot of disturbing dreams, as well as generally complex ones that have been hard to interpret (I've somewhat kept a journal over the years) but this was the one that disturbed me the most, and didn't have an idea on how to interpret it.

"I'm curious about your PDD {neurological} disorder in how it fits with my analysis since a normal interpretation doesn't usually encounter your condition." Would you care to elaborate on this point? It's quite an interesting point.

Thank you again and looking forward to reading the final analysis!

Thank you

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