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Re: bat wanting a cuddle

I can see this dream fitting with your 'end of life' review but likely there are other aspects the dream is focused. In your added info you mentioned the 'next big activity or project'. This dream may be addressing the need to focus more on that, especially if it is related to creative aspects.

I'll look at your other posted dream Two dreams, keys and cliff {2015} and see if they provide insights to this dream.

Interpretation of images, actions and symbols broken down by sentence.

I was lounging on my bed when a smallish bat landed on my chest and lay down on me, wanting a cuddle
-I was lounging on my bed-freeing yourself of anxieties and emotional issues
-when a smallish bat landed on my chest-dealing and confronting with the unknown
-lay down on me-putting pressure on you
-wanting a cuddle-connecting with emotional energies {that are pressuring you}

He was black and softly furry
-needing to feel complete emotionally

I patted him and found he had a pocket, when my hand went into it
-I patted him-stroking the emotional energies
-found he had a pocket-coming into contact with some aspect of your unconscious psyche
-when my hand went into it-delving into and communicating with hidden/unconscious aspects {the way you really feel about things}

I saw a row of lecture room type seats along a wall
-getting past barriers, researching and weighing your options

I said, do you want me to sit next to you while you take your exam?
-examining the possibilities, taking in consideration of uncertainties

(I was picking up on his anxiety and wanting support)
-literal application of waking actions, waking life anxieties

He snuggled into me even more
-moving closer to your deepest inner emotions


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 70 Altoona, Fl

Re: bat wanting a cuddle

Oh thank you, yes, very interesting, I am the one also doing the examining of the choices, not just being examined. Although, to arrive at the correct choices, you need to do both, I would think.

Maybe the row of college style seats mean the row of choices for new study or even retraining. Or maybe they are the barrier I have to climb over. Right now I am enjoying a respite from 30 years in a job in a heavily male-dominated part of a university (and heavily male dominated research discipline nation-wide) in which I was subjected to pervasive, mostly low level but sometimes high level, unaccountable hostility which became completely explicit at the end, necessitating my early retirement, despite having some champions. Endless seemingly dark-hearted hostility really messes with your mind and your social way of being. It forces you to not be yourself, and in order to recover, to dig deep. Hence the bat, who lives in the deep.

I love how the symbols are so two sided. Bats are a horror trope, but also can navigate extraordinarily, in pitch darkness. This bat is saying, see me for who I am, not something horrible but a warm blooded animal needing comforting. Also, snuggling up against my neck is maybe pointing to something needing voicing.

Thank you for helping me in my thinking through this dream!!

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 63, UK

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Re: bat wanting a cuddle

I apologize for not responding sooner. As for the two sides of dream symbols that is common. Personal associations can have a lot to do with the meaning/applications but there are usually set meaning to most symbols. Rebirth and annoyances may be what your bat best symbolizes with an greater emphasis on rebirth {negative past to positive possibilities}. The bat in your dream took on a positive role. The exam likely has to do with examining your choices for the future. And as you stated you are being examined, internally {by yourself}. Inner examinations is the core of finding truths within life and yourself. Jung points to the creative aspects as being the thing that is most fulfilling in life, doing what you like doing most. Perhaps fate has given you an opportunity to explore that aspect.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 70 Altoona, Fl

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