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Ladies legs turning in to snake tails?

I was in a mountain temple. It has rocky steps.I found many ladies with very sad face.when i was coming down in those wide stony steps i saw two ladies climbing up.with third lady with open free hair who was nearly draged up by the other two. her pants were suddenly bursted her legs turned in to a huge snake tail. I was very much shocked. I saw this happening to many other ladies. for another lady even her sides of neck has out growth(2 snake tails).But i'm unaffected by any of these symptoms.Next scene i saw some young ones of lizards with distorted abdomen and tails in water.What does this dream means?

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 17yrs India

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Re: Ladies legs turning in to snake tails?

I believe your dreams have something to do with the changes, including spiritual, that you are experiencing. I noticed in your follow-up post to the Buddha's Tooth that you are studying metaphysical phenomena, past life regression among them. This is something most people would think strange but for those of us who seek inner knowledge all such possibilities are considered {I personally do not dwell on the subject of past lives but do not dismiss it either}.

What you need to understand about your dreams that most often unknown people are aspects of your own psyche/personality. Thus the ladies going up and down the mountain {the temple may be the soul, the mountain the body}would be aspects of your own life. Parts of you need to be dragged up the mountain {this may be a resistance to believe in such things as past lives regression} whereas other parts/aspects are willing to make the journey. Descending down the steps may be a reference to going deeper into the unconscious, a natural aspect of the soul when adapting to the metaphysical possibilities that are opposite the logical mind. Snakes and lizards are often symbols of transformation and adapting to changes. The lizards withe bulging abdomens may be the defensive mechanisms of the logical mind but the tail in the water {water is often our unconscious aspects} may be an inclination to consider all possibilities {a form of expression or communication to the conscious mind from the unconscious realms}.

In the last of your dream it states you are unaffected by these symptoms. That suggests you are taking all this new materials in your life in a positive light. Young lizards may be the new ideas may be societies view of these new ideas of metaphysical possibilities. But the soul identifies with these aspects {archetypes of the unconscious?}. In the hero/heroine motif of mythology one has go past what society demands {social duty} and seek out what the soul requires. Is that what you are currently doing in your waking life at the present time?

Looking at your age I am impressed that you have realized such importance of a metaphysical education. Of course being from India and having Buddhism as your prime {and Hinduism} spiritual ground, you are at an advantage that those living in the West do not have. I have always considered Buddhism as a superior form of spiritual nourishment, as opposed to Christianity, Judaism and Islam {I am a recovering Church of Christ}. But what also attracts me to the Buddhist idea is the psychology it recognizes as a part of the soul's journey. Buddhism is as much psychological as it is a physical endeavor. And since the whole basis of Jungian psyche is predicated on the idea that the psychology of the soul is the true path to inner discovery, these two ideas blend perfectly {Jung and Jungian thought present significant commentary in the interpretation of Buddhism -- particularly Zen and Vajrayana}. I would hope that in your studies you will include a significant amount of time on Jung's philosophies. I believe in short time you will discover undiscovered truths that he has laid out and have proven to be instrumental in our quest for enlightenment. I applaud your path and believe your journey will be one of great inspiration to others.

If you would, please tell us more about your path and your metaphysical studies.


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Re: Ladies legs turning in to snake tails?

Hi Gerard,
I’m very glad to see your mail. I’ve started reading metaphysical subjects at very young age (when I was just 11yrs old).Now I’ve completed my school education and have to join in a college to become a doctor. I’m interested in all metaphysical subjects, magic (occult), Psychology, Alternative/Holistic medicine .But the only problem is there is none to guide in these subjects and to discuss about it. My family members and friends have no idea about metaphysics. I believe and accept the concept of Pastlife whole heartedly because in India I’ve heard lot of stories and real life incidents about these aspects. Even in Hinduism there are many puranas telling about incarnation.

Is this dream is about my health condition? because I had this dream 7 months before, when I was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries. I was very depressed during that time because of the problem with my friend. I totally lost interest in my studies and work, postponing everything. So, I was anxious and feeling my self worthless at that time. I know certain repetitive dreams indicate serious health problems. But this is not a repetitive one. I never had any repetitive dreams.

But my friend is the one who often appear in my dreams (approximately 35-40 dreams in past five years).

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 17yrs India

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