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Re: Re: Re: Ocean Cove Holiday Park Update

Hi all, haven't been able to come on and post here as I was on a different computer for a while but been following this all the same.
Did anyone get contacted by a Jonathon Cramp from Westcountry news? I had an email requesting if I'd like to do an interview regarding the closure of Ocean Cove as there was going to be a programme made. I spoke to him over the telephone and gave my views and I assumed that he'd be contacting everyone else from this board but not read anything.

Jan, I hope you had my email the other week as I didn't hear back.

Re: Ocean Cove Holiday Park Update

Sarah asked:Did anyone get contacted by a Jonathon Cramp from Westcountry news?

I did receive an e-mail from him, but never got around to replying - Does any one know if the article was ever aired?

My father has been digging though his files and has located a Tintagel Guide Brouchure from the 1950's. It was produced by the parish council and is full of information and photos of the area. It also contains many adverts from the local businesses. Amongst them, is this advert from Ocean Cove. Judging by the number of caravans in the picture, they couldn’t have been running that long.

The brochure is about 56 pages and I plan to scan it into a PDF document. I’d be happy to send a copy to anyone who’d like one.

Re: Re: Ocean Cove Holiday Park Update

Hi Kevin,
Yes, I would love to have a copy of the brochure, the site was started up in the 1950's don't know exact date, but started off with 2 caravans. I'll try to contact Alan as he did keep all the records of the site, had his office full of them, but may have got rid of everything when they sold up.
I did n't get contacted by Jonathon Cramp, so no idea if article was ever done, perhaps we can find him and ask?

Re: Re: Re: Ocean Cove Holiday Park Update

I've just checked and still have the email from Jonathan so will get in touch and if there's any news I shall post it here.

If possible Kevin, I would be interested in having a copy of the brochure too.

Re: Re: Ocean Cove Holiday Park Update

I would love a copy of the document you have. My family first came to Oceancove when i was about 4yrs old. We have had many a family holiday here. I then brought my then to be husband and even though it rained for 11 days out of 14, he loved the place. We then started to bring our 3 children here in the ninties and had brillient holidays they will always cherish. Two other friends and their families started comming down with us, we all had caravns next to each other and had loads of fun. We were all devastated when we knew what was going on at oceancove..i went to take a look last year and we drove round the park and i wish i hadn't it was so sad to see..end of an era. no more tow bar!Friends that we made and our children made we would not see again.
I have never seen any of the behaviour described and we always came in the height of the season.
will the yuppies appreciate it like we all did?