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Clothes in My Closet

Hello Jerry. This is one of my reoccurring dreams. Last night I dreamed that I found a bunch of new clothes in my closet. As I went through my closet I found more and more of them. As I found more clothes I felt excited because I had no idea that I had so many nice clothes. But, I only remember 2 items; a bathrobe & a sleeveless sweater vest. I have this sort of dream often but far in between. What does this mean?

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Re: Clothes in My Closet

This is from my Dream Symbols {see above-Specific Dream Symbols} under clothes.

Basic meaning - Your persona, the way you see yourself, the way you wish others to see you; your attitudes.

1} The feelings associated in the dream with the clothes you are wearing may indicate what your feelings are toward yourself, especially in relation to the image you present to the world.

Finding new clothes may suggest you are just now realizing something good/positive about yourself. A bathrobe could represent personal needs or privacy issues related to sexual/intimate situations.
The sweater 'vest' may represent innocence, immaturity, naivety. But it may also represent a need to 'let loose' inhibitions.

Both the robe and vest are something worn to 'cover up' things 'underneath'. Underneath would be a symbol for unconscious contents, what's underneath the conscious knowledge. A closet also suggest unconscious contents. This may be something you have repressed because you thought of it {the original experience} as something bad/negative thus pushing back into the uncocnscious so not to deal with it.

Look to recent events where you have discovered something new in your life, some event, experience, realization. After taking a quick look at your other posted dream Spaceships there does seem to be something you have 'hiding' from. Thus, this thing you have been hiding from may be related to a recent experience that has been brought it to the forefront, to consciousness.
Could it be what you were afraid of turned out to be a positive? Usually when something that is hidden/repressed within the unconscious is brought to consciousness it begins the healing process if it is an emotional conflict. Or it could be you thought the negative experience was something to be afraid of when in fact when you confronted the fear it was indeed a positive or fconfronting it removed the negative impact. Look to the newly found 'clothes' in your waking life to determine what that might be.

I will provide my thoughts to the Spaceships dream and see what it may reveal.


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Re: Clothes in My Closet

Your new clothes=different selves that you can become or opportunities for you to create a new lifestyle.

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