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Re: Dream about me with my mother in Africa-(any Jungian/Cambell ideas anyone?)

Thank you. I am not planning a trip to Africa, or anywhere. Im stuck in the most awful paralysi of my life. Also- regarding the CAPITAL letters I used for the words: MOTHER and AFRICA, I do this in my journal of dreams, the reason being to mark anything I suspect could be the symbols- personal or collective. Thats so, to go and look at those dreams again,I have not just pages of words- but I could find the symbols of a certain type-therefore a thread developing, etc, over time. Thing is I dont know if thats gonna prove right to do, but I do it. Seems a good idea.been recording dreams on and off last few years, but alone, no psychanalyst.Im scared of many of the contents-perhaps a little knowledge is a bad thing. I have read a few of Jungs works, & jOSEPH cAMPBELL A BIT. Got the ideas thru my head I believe on collective,personal unconscious and other things, and major symbols.Some dreams appear to speak of death,.Shouldnt reveal much of my situation here I believe, nor take your time with it. Things arent great physically or mentally anyhow. QUESTION -would you say I must get myself a proper Jungian therapist. I watched Marie-Louise Von Franz in interview on youtube recently, and stopped writing dreams somewhat-not as vigorously anyway- as she thought one must get out of ones own self- cant see oneself properly.Also one needs a person with experience & myth knowledge. Makes sense. If you believe I must do so to do things properly re individuation- well also HOW would a person choose a therapist. Theyre expensive,but also I have little resilience as a person at present to go throught he stress of (, reckon) of telling personal stuff to someone, then if they arent right for me, trying that over & over. Did that once with counsellers & I aint the type to reveal 7 share easily- it was traumatic- as the vulnerability required & that they may judge me etc, or whatever proved as traumatic as what I went there for. Group therapy-out of the question.Dont understand the humans who are not as traumatised by THAt process, as they are by thier origianl problems, Thus I wonder- there may be no answer possible- but what do YOu think. i appreciate you reading my dream. Ive written to you before saying this- I really respect & am grateful for you solid('depth & weight'- to quote the Big Book of alcoholics Anonymous)- website. PS- I couldnt understand the last short paragraph orf your reply. Apologies for the long email- hope not to cumbersome. yours sincerely, Susan

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