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My Progression-One Step Forward and Holding

This has been a very productive day for me. Probably the most productive since I arrived in Palm Bay {two months tomorrow}. I started the day with a causal morning and quality time with my feline friends {I have four cats with very distinct personalities}. Then at 10 AM I went to the gym for my routine 60 minute basketball workout.
Note: I will post a video in the coming days of my routine {using Youtube}. You will witness what a good physical routine can do for anyone who takes it serious. A good mind is dependent on a good physical health and vice versa.

After that I made my usual visit to Starbucks where I made my first post for today {around 2PM, Jung's Role in Psychology & Culture}. Thankfully Starbucks has Wifi. I was able to sit outside {sunny and mid 70s today on the Space Coast} and take my time formulating my ideas. This is part of my new routine.

Afterwards I went across the street to the beach and spent an hour and half working on a tan. When I was in my 20s and 30s I was always at the pool or the lake and kept a tanned body. Then it was an important part of who I was, my persona. Now, well I must admit I like the tanned look, I feel as if I fit in my new Florida environment. Plus I do enjoy the warm sun and laying out on the beach. The sound of the surf roaring in. an atmosphere that fits with my extroverted personality.

I made it home around 3:45PM and finally ate something {hadn't eaten anything since early this morning}. Then I gave an interpretation to the Vice President dream. I don't often give interpretations late in the day but my senses were working full throttle. I had thought about waiting until the morning to work on the dream but once I got started I didn't want to quite. Let's hope my intuitive sense didn't desert me. I feel good about the interpretation and that is important for any interpretation.

Now it is 7PM and I am still at it. It has been a good day, very productive.

Commenting About Personality-Mine
I've stated previously that I am an extrovert, there can be no doubt about that. But I have had two experiences of introversion that help shaped my life. The first is when I was a boy, growing up poor, always feelings less than other around me. That had a profound affect on me for my first 18 years of life, and beyond. It was because of a school teacher, a black high school teacher, that I was able to cast off my misaligned introverted state and be the true extrovert that I am. Chronicling the experiences about the school teacher is a story within itself. It does seem though at various stages in my life when I needed helping hands they were there.

I was pretty much my introverted self throughout my 20s, 30s and early 40s. Then in 1992 I 'met' Joseph Campbell {a serendipitous encounter of mythic proportions}. That is when I began to change. Consciously and unconsciously I took to heart the instructions of the monomyth which calls for an isolation so to reflect on the inner self {what some call the mid-life crazies}. From 1998 until my move to Palm Bay, Florida in October I pretty much had become a recluse. Much of that time was spent on my studies of Jungian psyche, working with dreams and building my websites {I am self taught in web design-it naturally fits with the 'symbolic nature' of my psyche}. Other than required work with my fence contracting business I pretty much 'stayed at home' not wanting to socialize as I was so accustomed when I was younger. I used to thrive on being around people {one way to pin point an extrovert}. But for the past 15 years I have felt differently. Partly because of how I changed my perception of other people. But also due to the nature of looking inward. It is there I discovered my true being and although I know I must venture back into the real world it is done so reluctantly. I had created an environment where I did not have to answer to anyone but myself and that self is more interested in learning more about the Self. As I do go back into world of socially engagements {I have visited 3 different Unitarian/Universalist and one Unity churches the past six Sundays and a few other 'spiritually' related events} I do so in the context of sharing with others what I have learned from my experiences in Jungian psyche and my inward journey. It is not to support my old extroverted condition, I do believe I have found the way to integrating these two opposites. I have been consciously aware of this process, working toward it. I have taken my 'process of Individuation' seriously and it seems to be working out nicely.

A little personal information that will help explain my old condition. And new Self
I have been married three times and looking back I see it was to three wonderful women. My last marriage ended in 1992, 20 years ago. You can see the correlation of the years before and after. What has changed was I learned from my Individuation why I could not stayed married. That changed me forever. Now I can be me, the true me, as reflected over the past 15 years incognito in my website Myths-Dreams-Symbols. Those pages are coming alive and the expression within them now a living expression in real life. Chronicling my progression will be a part of my journal. Stayed tuned, I do have a lot of 'spice' to share in what has been my life. It does seem a lot of it has to do with giving space to the feminine. One, in the past literally, the other in the present metaphorically.

Jerry The God Within You A Prayer For You

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