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white wolves

Hey everyone,
I've been having a lot of trouble remembering dreams lately. I've also been having a lot of nightmares where I wake up feeling nauseous, but I can't ever remember what happened. To be honest, that article about child sexual assualt really sparked some things in me. I'm going to talk about this with a counsellor..
Anyway, I had this dream a week or two ago, it's a little scattered.
-my family was driving me somewhere, there was barely any room for me in the back seat, they were all sitting comfortably in the front seat.
-I was at an event that was basically just an event for ourselves and nobody else. The logo was black and white mixed to make a bleeding dolphin
-I was walking through really thin forest with my dog from back home, and these two white wolves that I seemed to have known all my life. They felt a bit like parents. They ran free while I kept my dog on a leash, I made sure I kept her close to me. A couple of friends found me and I was directing them somewhere. But now we were around more people and the wolves were put on leashes so all three of us had a leash to hold. We went to a beach and I was telling the female wolf how good and beautiful she is. I felt really attached and sentimental towards the wolves

Any interpretations would be really appreciated, thank you

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 19 & Canada

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Re: white wolves

Hi Katharine,
What is it about the article of child sexual assault that seems to be bothersome for you? Nightmares often indicate something within that has not be resolved. From your previous dream post Sex Kitten we determined there was something you felt dirty about. And we determined part of that was your true sexuality. But could there be more that you feel dirty about having to do with sex? Kittens are immature cats and although a kitten could symbolize you at the age of 19, it may in fact be addressing some experience of an earlier age which would fit the 'kitten' symbol. I would suggest you do talk to your councelor about this and tryu to determine if there is something from your earlier childhood years that needs to be brought toi light. Although your 'Sex Kitten' dream was addressing your sexual identity it could also be addressing some other aspect {which dreams often do}.

Your family in this dream is probably addressing not only your actuall family and its attitude toward your sexuality {which has been established in the Sex Kitten dream and follow-ups} but it also probably symbolizes your total psyche. And while everyone is focused {sitting}
on the front seat, there is barely any room in the back seat. This may indicate there is not any room to focus on the other 'stuff' you need to deal with in addressing sexuality and life experiences. This would fit with the possibilities of earlier childhood experiences I mentioned above.

The event that is for only ouselves is most likely speaking to only you and not anyone else {ourselves again being your total psyche}. The logo may be how you are branded, your sexulaity being other than what many consider normal {ignorance prevades}. Dolphins often symbolize elemenst of trust, perhaps between conscious and unconscious. Perhaps this trust has to do with others who question your sexuality {bleeding dolphin}. Or it could also apply to the trust between conscious and unconscious if there is indeed other hidden aspects having to do with childhood and sexuality.

An interesting aspect about your statement of the really thin forest. In Eric Ackroyd's fine book A Dictionary of Dream Symbols he gives the possible meaning of a forest as a sexual symbol,representing the female pubic hair {a mythological connection}. Could this relate to early puberty or an earlier experience to do with sexuality?
Dogs and wolves can both symbolize protection. Whit often symbolizes innocence. The wolves being like parents may represent those feelings about yourself that portray your true self, and sexuality. This has been with you all your life even though you have repressed it {the sexuality} until just recently. You prtected yourself from these feelings while having to fit into what your parents and society expects {being straight}. Dogs often symbolize animal nature and while your true self runs free {woves run free and this would apply to your iner self] the outer self, your sexual identity, must be restrained, kept on a leash. When approached about your true self and identity you direct their attention to something else your closet}. And eventually you had to protect your whole self from discovered, all 3 having to be put on leashes. Or could this suggest there are other aspects about your sexulaity that are also on leashes? You have come out of the closet on one of them.
Of course the female wolf that is beautiful is your true self, out of the closet, being who you really are.

The dream seems to be addressing some of the same issues we talked of in your Sex Kitten dream. But since you did mention the article about sexual abuse and there are nightmares then perhaps there is still something within that has not be addressed. You state you can not remember what happened in some of your dreams. This could be repression of some other experiences.
But we shouldn't jump to conclusions just yet. I do suggest you talk with your councelor about the possibilities. But before doing so I suggest you go back to your earlier childhood years and try to determine, or remember, possible experiences that had to with some type of abuse. Were there instances in your life where there could have been such abusive experiences? What about the environment you were brought up in, were there those instances where people of trust {or strangers} that could have given cause to beleieve such abuse could have happened? Give some serious thought to your past and see where it leads. If you come up blank and your nightmares stop then it may signal there was nohing there. But on the other hand, you may find more that has been repressed other than your true sexuality.

One thing I believe important is you are confronting all these demons now and not later. If you sort it all out now you won't have to carry all the garbage with you the rest of your life. Too many people repress these true identity issues and repressed experiences. They live unauthentic lives, never finding that balance and harmony in life. You are very intelligent and are sorting through it all. You are brave to do so and I can tell you life will be much more happier for you in years ahead.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 55 Murfreesboro, Tn.

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} Male

Re: white wolves

Hi Katharine,
I remember the article, posted some time ago 'Abuse Victims Still Suffer Decades Later - Los Angeles Times'.
I would like to re-inforce some of the things Gerard mentioned - it takes a very brave and intellegent person to review the things that come up in their dreams, especially when they bring nightmares and you awake feeing nauseous. However believe that it is the most self nurturing thing you can do. Use appropriate support - counsellor, and others - think carefully about who you share with. People who are independant and nothing to gain.

I think there are some clues that there is something that needs to be brought to the surface (remember Gerards comments). 'I can't remember what happened',,, feeling 'nauseous'.

As I reflected on your previous post : 'It was raining outside' - sadness, grief; 'I was sitting by a window that a branch extended to' - you are at a threshold of seeing through to something, the deeper (unconscious, spiritual) parts of you are reaching out to you ,,,, the dirty kitten could be how you feel about yourself, and you want to give it a bath - clean it up.

In regard to the current post - being in the back seat could represent repression, not being in control of your own life. Someone elses will is force on you; you are neglected. There is no room for 'you'.
'An event for ourselves and nobody else' reminds me of something that is kept secret. Black and white - the opposites, mixing of good and bad perhaps making it hard to distinguish between the two. The dolphin (kind hearted mammal, like us, link between air and water, both worlds - inner and outer) is bleeding injured.

I am interested in the images of 'sex kitten' and 'white wolf'. The names themselves are stir images and emotion ,,, what are your thoughts about these?

Katharine, repeating myself I know - reflect gently on your dreams. Sit with what comes up. Feel what comes up, and think / choose how to react. As 'they' say ,,, the feelinng brings the healing.
good luck

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 47 Brisbane Australia

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Re: white wolves

Thank you both so much for your interpretations. I'm sorry it's taken so long to reply, I've been busy with school and also wanted to think about these things a little more in depth, or at least give them time to sit. I also didn't want to face this for awhile.
The car ride interpretation really fits. I feel like certain aspects of my self are keeping things back. I feel like I haven't been at peace with myself for a very long time and there are definately things that need to be recognised. And then I also feel like I can't bring up certain things with my family, such as my childhood. I've tried to ask my Mom more about it but she gives me very evasive and vague answers.
With the bleeding dolphin, I liked your idea trust between conscious and unconscious. Because, if I'm repressing things that want to come up right now I'm not doing them justice and I can't be giving the unconscious much reason to trust me, right? so, I'm preventing it from getting out and so its definately hurting the bond that I have with myself.
that possible meaning is very interesting. I do feel like early puberty was a very crucial time of my life. I'm not sure if it was because I had started bleeding or not, but I had tons and tons of dreams about being pregnant. But, that's a little irrelevent. I also received a lot of unwanted sexual attention when I had barely begun puberty which i hated. And, not only has my sexual orientation been repressed but even the idea of being sexual has been repressed for a long time.
I'm still a little confused as to what the wolves would represent.
I like the fit this has with Justin's interpretation of my Sex Kitten dream, being on the "threshold of seeing through to something". And I also definately have been feeling a bit powerless in terms of my life. And your idea of the event for 'ourselves' being a secret feels very accurate. usually i would interpret that as something positive, especially doing something for myself. but the dream had a very negative feeling to the event.
Thank you for all your support and advice, you've given me a lot of things to think about,


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 19 & Canada

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Re: Re: white wolves

Hi Katharine
Thank you for your feedback - it really helps to add validity to dream interpretation - even more significantly I would like to thank you for your considered reply - taking the time needed to reflect, contemplate etc is a great honour to yourself - it shows you that you are taking you seriously,, and that is perhaps the greatest gift you can give yourself - well done

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 47 Brisbane Australia

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