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Last Supper of the Kali Yuga

I awake in the middle of the night in my bed. It's pitch black and my family is asleep. i notice there's a man in my younger sisters room. she's absent from the room. he's just standing in there. wearing a leather jacket. he looks like an older 30/40 year old white male with blue eyes and a blonde fade. wearing all black. like a biker. i begin to tell him he shouldnt be there and that my family is trying to sleep and that he should go. but i said it in a very calm way as if he was no threat, almost like a dog who was lost. he begins to stare at me silently. we're on the second floor. right next to the stairs.he proceeds to run towards me and shove me and jump right right over the stairs at the exact moment he does. he jumped over the railing with his back towards me. as he was descending midair, still quite high, we were both transfixed in eye contact, and thats when i realized his head was turned towards me 180 degrees. but his back was still facing me. that is when i realized i was in a dream. after this frightful gaze, he landed on the floor on all fours. his head still gazing towards me, belying any sense of human anatomy. then he slowly sunk into that ground, flawlessly, leaving all his clothes behind. i never saw him sink. merely the clothes slowly being pulled gently as a feather towards the ground by gravity. his presence gone. suddenly the scene changes, im still in my home but theres more lights on. none of it really makes sense but what i can make out in the moment is that the same man i encountered is stalking me, coming towards my being through some other membrane/location. i cant see him at all but feel his presence getting closer and closer. i start to realize he isnt alone. he has others, men & women, each wearing black, traversing through some mystery to get to me. i start to panic and feel their presences rising in the vicinity of my being. climaxing almost endlessly, i hide behind a couch and slowly realize they still know where i am. i close my eyes. still within this dream. panic continues to rise. i begin contemplating in that darkness in desperation of how i can escape. the power and number of these thoughts increased parallel to their proximity of me. it kept rising and rising until i began to see the black space before me, that void your closed eyes are married to, begin to expand. it was form expanding in darkness with no light source. it was felt more than seen. then suddenly seen just as much as it was felt in an overwhelming relinquishment of will. in my fear and desire to escape this congregation of shadowed figures. my thoughts grew in power and size and in turn expanded the space before me until i broke through this cavity of darkness. i was suddenly in a forest. very illuminated by sunlight. but not too much. i was immediately greeted by a young black gentleman. who didnt speak at all. he merely grabbed my hand and began to calmly lead me. i felt ok because i realized i escaped the congregation. they were gone and i knew they couldnt find me here for whatever odd reason. i was lead to a massive long narrow table where some sort of feast/family reunion was taking place. they were all black. im seated while confused and calmed by the forest amidst me. im seated near one of the ends of the table. im seated next to a young black woman a little older than me. i realize she's speaking to herself. i start to perceive that she's reciting poetry. when i look at her, im shocked to see she's deaf and blind. and i hear the words from her mouth. it was some of the most powerful poetry i've ever heard. i turn to see everyone else at the table. they are all deaf and blind. reciting poetry to one another. yet unable to hear one another. theyre all turned away from each other reciting poetry to the wind. i sadly do not remember what the girls words were. but they seemed to be the key upholding the forest and its domain against the congregation.

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Re: Last Supper of the Kali Yuga

It will be Friday before I will be able to analyze your dream. I have an appointment with my veterinarian in the morning and I should be able to work on the dream afterwards. I will look at your previous posted dream for any insights.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 70 Altoona, Fl

Re: Last Supper of the Kali Yuga

I apologize for not getting to your dream on Friday. Several sick cats, a trip to the vet and an outside flea problem {I have rescued cats} took more of my time than expected. Will work on it tomorrow.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 70 Altoona, Fl

Re: Last Supper of the Kali Yuga

Looking back at your previous posted dreams {Soul and Egg, Golden shafts of wheat and Dissolved by the light of the Sun} I see this dreams as expanding on the inner emotional issues that have yet to be fully resolved. But there is something that is helping with these issues yet even with this the unresolved issues remain. The poetry, creative aspects may be your helping hands {what Joseph Campbell termed the helping hands of fate}.

Here are some of my observations from your first dream Soul and Egg {age 18} as well as the other two that will put us where you were, and apparently still working to resolve, at an earlier age in your life.

This is your life, vacant areas {emotional} stored emotions {warehouses}, emotional energies that can be consciously threatening {unconscious motivators you may not be aware of, ignore or repress}. The thugs are those emotional energies. Only by going within {psychological} can you elevate yourself out of the control of these emotional energies. You have difficulty in doing this. And because of these unconscious motivations {early life influences/experiences} you are emotionally vulnerable and susceptible to be easily influenced {may be pointing to spiritual or religious influences}. The egg may be promises of greater things, your vulnerable emotions. The egg image and the surroundings may be archetypal and the painting holding the key to the emotional influences the dream is attempting to convey. There may be a warning because your attention is focused solely on the egg and table. From the painting: words 'Ab eo, Quod nigram caudum habet abstine terrestrium enim decorum est'. This roughly translates as: 'Keep away from any with a black tail, indeed, this is the beauty of the earth.' You are in need of a transformation but what you are entertaining may be more emotionally dangerous than you realize.

And from your Golden Shafts of Wheat {at age 18} dream.

An emotional aspect you haven't experienced/applied in some time that comes from inner anger/frustrations. This is a deviation from your normal self and your personality changes when these emotions come up. It involves a desire personal growth and achievement. Your normal positive self has a lot of character but there are a lot of negative experiences in your past. This aspect is an important part of your foundations in growth. The inner anger is a source of lost emotional energies, unconscious forces you are not aware of. You do unconsciously know it is the source of negative conscious aspects and are motivators {unconscious} for confrontation. These are hidden aspects caused from early life experiences/influences. Most were from very early life but one very negative experience was later in life. These experiences have harmed your psyche and personality that hampers personal growth. You have particular set goals but the negative unconscious energies are so large you struggle to make positive advancements. There may be recent/current set goals to do with these issues. Your desire for success is great {especially if there are recent/current goals involved} and instead of utilizing your positive abilities you abandon the projects. Your inner self wants to get past the unconscious forces.

From your Dissolved by the Light of the Sun dream {age 20}.

Transformation seems to be the proper term for this dream. Or transformation. The dream seems to be pointing to very positive aspects but with some doubts about the possibilities. Something in your emotional life is, or is capable, of encompass your whole being and possibly capable of suspending all other aspects in your life. This could point to a relationship {girlfriend} or/and spiritual/creative aspects {the creative aspect is a spiritual endeavor}. If you follow up on this path it would/could end or change how you live/feel/think. It may involve letting go of the normal/customary way you live and embrace something very different. What is it in your life that fits with the above? Could it have to do with your creative aspects as we addressed in your Soul and Egg dream? Likely there have been recent events or experiences that helped illuminate this 'transforming' aspect.

Here are some of the emotional energies I see in this dream.

Dark unconscious/lacking spirit/repressed energies/attempting to see things with a positive attitude/repressed unresolved psychological issues affecting conscious self/unconsciously driven in conscious life/emotional state of mind/unconscious energies reflected in conscious actions/foundational energies affecting whole self/not possessing normal conscious control of actions/weighed down by foundational experiences/not normal self

From this dream there are positive aspects {theres more lights on} but you are still 'in your home' which suggests you have yet to resolve the emotional issues. The issues are still stalking you, the unconscious energies still driving you. The unconscious energies are revealed in the dream language, 'it was felt more than seen. then suddenly seen just as much as it was felt in an overwhelming relinquishment of will. in my fear and desire to escape this congregation of shadowed figures'..
But ‘not so much’. The shadows remain {see The Shadow In Jungian Psychology}. Male and female, issues with relationships perhaps but also yin and yang of yourself, opposites of good and bad. The poetry is strong enough to hold off the ‘congregation {this would likely be within yourself as well as people in your waking life, especially early life where foundations are formed} but the recital of poetry is against the wind {unresolved emotional energies}.

The last line of your dream says a lot. ‘i sadly do not remember what the girls words were. but they seemed to be the key upholding the forest and its domain against the congregation’. The powerful feminine {creative self} is speaking {inwardly} and is what keeps you sane. But you will not hear her words until you resolve the emotional issues. What are they? Your dreams seem to suggest you have repressed them.

One last note. Titles of dreams often provide an preview of what a dream is about. Last Supper of the Kali Yuga. Kali Yuga is {Hindu} is the last of the four stages the world goes through as part of a 'cycle of yugas' described in the Sanskrit scriptures. Perhaps this dream is pointing to a stage you are at or should be. Four in Jungian psyche represents wholeness. The Indian epic The Mahabharata describes the Kali Yuga as the period when the “World Soul” is Black in hue. Your dream has both black male and female. Black is a common symbol for the unconscious.

The Yuga Cycle doctrine tells us that we are now living in the Kali Yuga; the age of darkness.
"Men turn to wickedness; disease, lethargy, anger, natural calamities, anguish and fear of scarcity dominate. Penance, sacrifices and religious observances fall into disuse. All creatures degenerate. Change passes over all things, without exception."

Satya Yuga, the "Yuga of Truth", when humanity is governed by gods {inner salvation}. Creativity is a path to salvation of the inner self but no matter how great the creative being, without resolution of the governing unconscious energies all is lost. So many great talents have succumbed to inner demons. The Yugas are the world view. Just as myth is the universal dream, the personal myth is within a person's dreams. Follow the hero path, your path to psychological wholeness and you will find within yourself the answers to what plagues your life.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 70 Altoona, Fl

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