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Our Parish Council

As an ex parish councillor I could not believe the shocking behaviour of senior councillors towards the junior members . What kind of an example is it to shout and bully then criticised without permitting people to defend themselves. This village needs new blood on the Parish Council. If you really care about Tintagel and know how to behave kindly to others please put yourself forward to join our council and vote wisely at the May elections.

Re: Our Parish Council

The recent post, placed on Tintagel Web, by Mrs Sonja Tremain, alludes to the ‘conduct of senior Members of the Parish Council’.

It is, perhaps, a pity that the lady (who did not show her face at the meeting) did not also allude to the appalling conduct which gave rise to the need for the Chairman to intervene in a matter under discussion (St Nectan’s Glen).

The constant interruptions, inappropriate comments, engaging in private conversation with person not in the meeting, leaving the meeting without requesting permission, and the failure to declare an interest (previous employment at the site), in respect of the matter under discussion, by one ‘Junior Member’ were totally unacceptable and amounted to a breach of the Councillors ‘Code of Conduct’.

The ‘Junior Councillor’ referred to has, on more than one occasion, reminded Members that she had undertaken appropriate training for the position, therefore the claim of ‘recently appointed’ holds no merit.

The conduct engaged in by that individual was insulting to guests, and clearly unacceptable. As an ex-Parish Councillor, Mrs Tremain must surely have been aware of those facts. Indeed, the meeting was recorded, and the conduct referred to can be clearly viewed.

Neither did Mrs Tremain highlight the appalling, and totally inappropriate, conduct of a member of the public during the meeting, nor has she made any comment about the long-running, antisocial, behaviour indulged in by a person whom she publicly vaunts on a regular basis. The conduct of that person, which is apparently of no consequence to Mrs Tremain, has needlessly cost the Parishioners of Tintagel in excess of £15,000 to date.
The attention of any reader of this post is drawn to the recent statement of the
Vice Chairman of the Parish Council on 3rd February 2021, in respect of the External Audit findings, and to the inappropriate correspondence published on, inter alia, the Tintagel Web. Mrs Tremain – why is that behaviour not abhorrent to you? Are you suggesting that this is the standard to which we should all allude?