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Strange burgler

In my dream, I was sleeping on the floor with my sister in a house with very big windows towards the yard. My mom and dad were sleeping in the room upstairs. Suddenly I woke up by the sound of someone jumping in the yard from top of the wall. I knew it was a burglar and I was dead frightened. I turned and looked at my sister, she was also awake and frightened. I somehow knew that if I move the burglar will notice and come and hurt us. I took my phone and texted my mom that a dangerous burglar is in our house and call the police. Then suddenly the light in the hall were my sister and i were, went on and after a short time off again and I somehow knew that my mom did that. I felt safe with light on because i taught that he cant hurt us in this light or will leave. I taught to myself that would be good if mom did not turn it off again.

Then my dad and mom came downstairs and we went to the door and saw the burglar leaving. I tried to call for help from a neighbour on second floor but the burglar brought some red burning coal towards my face and told me that he would blow them to my face if i shout.

Then he left and after a while he came back. Somehow I knew that there was a guard at the end of the alley that did not let him pass. I looked at the things he took and I saw that all he took was some lumber. Then I was not afraid of him anymore and went to him and said : Is this all you wanted to take ? I will show you another way to get out of the alley without the guard stopping you. Then he left and I woke up.

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