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Back to Back Dreams

Hello! I have had two consecutive dreams (consecutive nights) and would like some insight!

Dream 1:

On the first night, I was outside of a military-style housing. Through the window, I could see my real-life person of interest (who is in the military in real life). I looked at him through the window, and beside him was a woman who appeared to be quite clingy. He wasn’t smiling. When he saw me, he turned to me with his entire body while keeping his head facing her. He glanced at me quickly, and unbuttoned his uniform shirt to reveal another shirt underneath it. It had a message written on it that I couldn’t decipher. I then walked inside the building and he completely removed his uniform top and there were several new tattoos - more than he has in real life. He was playing video games.

We then went outside to get in a car. I wasn’t sure where we were going but my coworker was there. My person of interest got in the car across from me with the woman from earlier still clinging tightly to him. She tried to hug him and he hugged her very quickly from the side, his body continuing to face mine the entire time. As he sat across from me I said to my coworker, “He doesn’t want to sit with me!” in a playful manner (in real life, we were always playful with each other). He responded in a way I can’t recall, but it was very uncharacteristic of him.

Later after we got to our destination, we discovered we were at a hotel. I never saw my person of interest again, but he kept calling to check on me as I was doing important business with my real-life place of employment. He kept calling to make sure all was well.

Dream 2, next night:

We were at a hotel. I am not sure if the hotel was the same as the one from the previous dream but this time, my person of interest was there playing cards with a group of men. One of the men was another man I knew who had been messaging me in real life. I walked directly past all the men and walked to my person of interest, stood behind him, and put my hands on his shoulders. In the dream later, my person of interest gives me a dress - a peach dress with white flowers on it - from a boutique his parents owned. (In real life, his parents do not own a boutique.).

As a side note, these dreams happened when he and I were not speaking due to other issues in our lives. Since these dreams, we have started communicating again and it feels very deep this time. Any insight on the meanings of these dreams would be most appreciated!!

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