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Weird CPR

Hello, I was concerned about a weird random dream that I just had. I work in a hospital but in my dream I Was in a different hospital setting. It was dimmer and had lots of hallways. I was walking around and my mom pops up, I was enjoying her company. We go into this room, and these medical guys sale us this pack of powders and cereal...my mom starts eating hers immidiately. I read the back of my cereal pack and it says causes low energy..or low energy something. I tell my mom I dint want any b/c of the low energy it causes if i eat it. My mom gets up and leaves. I look at her packs and noticed she ate ALL of it. They were given to us as a set. Next in my dream I go into the hospital bathroom to wash my hands, and my mother comes in to use the restroom. When she comes out she moves slowly and holds her chest/heart, she says its hurting and gets on the floor. I get scared and go to a floor unit to yell for help so someone can give her CPR or something! No one answers me or responds! I get frustrated and leave. I try to help her stand up, but when she stands up it worsens.. like she will faint or black out. So I lay her back down. I yell at her telling her she shouldn't have at those powders and cereal that was given to us! We dont know what that stuff was. Then i get home and from what I can remember my mother was fine. There was a gathering at my house and she was walking around. I go up to my sister in the kitchen, or some little girl; I cant remember. She starts clutching her chest like my mom was, and she falls down. I get scared b/c I don't want to lose her, i feel like she will die. I try to perform CPR on her myself from what I can remember. I put my hands on her chest to feel her heartbeat, its beating hard and fast. Everyone is around minding there business, no one paying the situation any business. I help her stand up slowly, but she clutches her chest again saying it's coming back, so I lay her back down. I feel distressed so I walk off and start aggressively praying to myself.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 24 female, Houston Tx

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Re: Weird CPR

My sense from your dream is there are issues with your mother as well as shared experiences. There is healing needing, probably with your own emotional self and possibly in the relationship with your mother. The dream title {which often is an unconscious expression related to the dream} points to a need for resolving emotional anxieties and tensions.

The dream starts out by describing aspects that point to early life and possibly involving shared experiences with your mother and possibly involved your father {although the dream doesn't seem to point a finger in blaming him}. If not your father then other persons who are involved in your early life which affected you emotionally. I sense your mother had a 'dependency' personality which may point to relationships she had that affected you. You may have the same tendencies {a norm growing up in the same environment} and although you try not to give in to them you have trouble doing so. This is where there is a need for inner healing in your own self. There may be a need of healing also with the relationship with your mother because of her actions when you were a child {which may continue on into adulthood}.

Whatever the experiences it has affected your personal growth. The middle parts of the dream point to these early life experiences which now cause emotional issues in your life. You are controlled by unconscious energies related to these past experiences. These inner emotional energies may be exasperate by having to continue work with your mother and help solve her emotional issues. You may have positive feelings for your mother but her life interferes with your ability to live your life and detach yourself from the same tendencies of your mother.

The last part of the dream {see Dream Structure} seems to show you in a position of being unable to escape your own inner inclinations because of your mother relationship. You are controlled by both your early life experiences {which formed your personality and personal attitudes} as well as the continued relationship with your mother. Her dependency seems to be a problem, perhaps early in life on others and now on you.

Below is my interpretation of the images and actions from your dream {I interpret the images/actions to get a final analysis of the dream}. These may help you in understanding your emotional life {your dreams are about your emotions} and reveal other personal experiences only you would know about.

Weird CPR
resolving anxiety, fear or tension

-hospital setting-healing aspect
-dimmer hallways-more need in self exploration
-mom pops up, enjoying her company-nurturing aspects come up
- medical guys sell pack of powders/cereal-masculine aspects sold as original experiences
-mom starts eating immediately-total dependency
-low energy-little personal growth
-didn't want any/low energy-not sharing consuming emotions
-mom gets up and leaves-rejecting related qualities shared with mother
-she ate all of it-taken in by dependency/little personal growth
-given to us as a set-sharing same set of experiences

-go to hospital bathroom to wash hands-ability to relieve yourself of burden and to heal
-mother comes in to use bathroom-mother in need of eliminating negative emotions
-moves slowly/holds her chest-taking chances/overwhelmed and needs to confront emotions
-hurting/gets on floor-wounded emotions from childhood
-scared/go to floor-anxieties from childhood
-give cpr-resolve fears/anxieties
-no one answers or responds-inability to escape
-get frustrated and leave-difficulty in coping with rejected aspects
-try to stand her up/she stands up it worsens-attempting to resolve emotions/difficulties in facing emotions
-faint/black out-need to confront issues/repressing them
-lay he back down-push back into unconscious
-yell at her-repressed anger
-shouldn't have powders/cereals that was given to us-original experiences in early life that is covered up
-don't know what that stuff was-unaware of unconscious energies that motivate your actions/personality
-get home/mother was fine-living your life with unconscious energies as motivators
-gathering in my house/she was walking around-assembling emotions related to nurturing/mother relationship
-go up to sister in kitchen/or some little girl-accessing past memories/experiences
-she starts clutching her chest like mom-displaying same tendencies as mother/memories of past experiences from childhood
-falls down-losing control
-scared/don't want to lose her/she will die-anxieties related to nurturing/need to make changes
-perform cpr on her/myself-resolve issues with mother
-hands on chest/feel heartbeat-inability to confront emotions
-beating hard and fast-strong and constant inclinations
-everyone minding their business/no one paying situation any business-living conscious life unaware of unconscious energies/giving in to energies
-help her up slowly/she clutches her chest-accepting compromising emotions/relinquishing control to unconscious energies
-saying its coming back-repeating actions/emotions
-feel distress/walk off/aggressively praying to myself-strong emotions 'preying'/controlling you

Note: I do request a response to my analysis. My services are free and a response is the least that can be given. A contribution of any amount to my Kitty Fund would be appreciated but not required.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 65

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Re: Weird CPR

Thanks for the interpretation. I never thought that my dreams would point towards my childhood since it happened so long ago. I understand the part about the childhood experiences, but how am I supposed to go about confronting those repressed childhood emotions/memories if I'm not aware of what they are? Is that something that should be discussed with my parents? I have troubled experiences that I can remember, but none have affected me in "ways that I'm aware of".

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 24 female, Houston Tx

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