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I see a rooster perched on a power line at the edge of my property. A large hawk swoops down and grabs the rooster. It holds the rooster's head with one claw and its back with another. It flies in a wide circle over to the neighbor's yard opposite side of my property. There it lands and rips off the rooster's head and eats up the entire rooster. Then a mouse scurries in the grass and the hawk pounces. The hawk instantly turns into a strange man, dressed in Victorian style clothing including a cape. He scoops up the live mouse in one hand and eats it. The man looks at me and smiles mysteriously, an animal that only looks like a man. He acts like he sees me, but he also seems not to see me. He then digs up a coffin with his bare hands like a big dog. He drags a corpse out of the coffin and lines up on the head. His mouth grows wide like a python and he swallows the corpse. I am disgusted, shocked and frightened. I wonder what he'll do next. The man again seems to see me and not see me. I get a sort of message, maybe telepathically from the strange man, like an insight that the dead man was corrupt in life and his remains had to be eliminated.

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