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Attacker dogs on the street

I am dreaming I am driving a motorcycle on the crowded road and then policeman stopped me. He said I am driving too fast. Theres board which says we can only speed max 50km/hours and mine is 60/70. I said I do not seeing the board (then vaguely i remember that the board still in front-i mean at the end of this road before we can make U-turn). I said this is only the second I pass through this road because I need to do something charity-like (but i forgot what).

This policeman than asking to borrow something from me and I said “Please be careful, if its broke i cant afford to buy second one” (but I forgot what he needs to see before deciding my penalty). I could feel his sympathy. Then he decided to release me. He told his friend to just release me without asking for money (haha.. thats how policeman on my country doing. They rarely make you go to the court, instead just pay them some money as bribe).

Then I continue my journey. The road so crowded, I past gas station and take U turn. Car is packed there. After I turn, this road seems weird, this should be two way street. But no car move forward at my side. After a short time I know why.

Theres many big dogs (attacker type) there. And several of them (3 dogs too) trying to attack 3 kindergarten ages child. Only cars and theres no motorcycle like me on that street. While I am thinking how could I save them or at least one child (I am planning to grab them when I am pass them again) suddenly one dog chase me.

Aihh.. forget about save people, I immediately speed up and trying to run. Its just a cheap motorcycle, it cant run at its max speedometers, so theres only very little distance between us. But somehow I could be free from them. (This motorcycle is what i used when i am younger-when i am still in high school and university).

Not long then I hear sound like big bucket hitting the ground. Oh the owner is coming and calling them with their food bucket. All attacker dogs become quiet for a while.. listening to that sound then slow running as if they are a docile dogs. Oh its already handled.. Then I continue my journey.

Oh in this part suddenly I can see those dogs out of the door at night. Theres someone purposely opening the gate. But I don’t know the motive. Is that unreasonable man trying to steal from that home nor he want to accused the dogs owner for being irresponsible about his pets. And police are investigating the case further.

About 3 very small child, I don’t know if they save and sound. But I have good feeling that they are not died. I think, they could make it (save without being bitten even once).

At my destination I saw many parents, child, and several teacher putting on a show. While I walk pass and talking to some of them I get that none of them knows the big accident on that road yet. While I am trying to tell the story, suddenly theres my child there and said its too noisy (because I need to speak out loud to compensating stage sound) but when I am looking at her I know she means to make me stop because the story too frightening for small child like her and kids her age (around 5 yo). Then I wake up..

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 34, female, Indonesia (east java)

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Re: Attacker dogs on the street

Oh my.. I just read that Jerry decided to stopped the forum until undecided time.
I am planning to erase this post cause I remember seeing “within 59 minutes I could erase or change my post” but the button is nowhere to be found..

Thank you so much for all of your effort until now.
I can feel it that you always try your best when interpreting.

I am grateful for your sincerity.

And I can relate.. although I do not giving my full time to our cats, but caring for them when there are so many really taking time and energy. Just the day before yesterday I bathe 8 cats for 2-3 hours (because of a sudden flea attack) and its giving me back pain eventhough I am only half your age.. haha.. >.<

Almost all of our cats coming by themselves to our home. Never buy and only 1 cat that we actively taking from garbage near traditional market (and she already died because of old age (about 8 yo) and sudden sickness maybe? She suddenly dont have appetite, and died on second days very early in the morning).
The vet said that theres some plague lately and maybe she got one. But that time we already having more than 10 cats and only her died..

Anyway hope you would get fulfillment in live, always healthy, and happy..

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