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Last Post
Dogbite Becoming Reality
This one still haunts me today...Okay, so it was Thanksgiving time and our family was coming over. We were a little worried about our dog because he had issues and was a little crazy. So, I have a dream. In the dream I am wandering through what I think was Hogwart...
Views: 499   Replies: 1
Last Post: Dec 18, 2005 7:27am
by Gerard
Walking on Water
I have this recurring theme that has been appearing in my dreams for several years now. I have been unable to stop thinking about it recently and I feel that it holds some key for my life. (Desperately needed, I might add). On Nov, 30 of 2003, I heard a voice...
Views: 467   Replies: 3
Last Post: Dec 18, 2005 7:17am
by Gerard
In my dream, i meet up with a physic to ask questions about my husband. she reveals to me that he is a good man and that he isn't cheating on me but when she looks into her crystal ball she see's him with another woman now she looks over to her butler in despair and...
Views: 417   Replies: 1
Last Post: Dec 17, 2005 7:35am
by Gerard
swimming pool
Last night I had a dream that my friend invited me to go out. It seemed that I was running late and next thing I see I am wearing an old shirt and was near the swimming pool and I recognized my ex shirt by the pool wich was same us mine.I looked into the swimming poo...
Views: 641   Replies: 2
Last Post: Dec 16, 2005 10:34am
by Eva
Lastnight I had a dream that I was two weeks pregnant. I was completely horrified. I'd hooked up with this boy once and hadn't known he'd ejaculated. We hadn't even had intercourse. I've had pregnant dreams before where I just quit whatever I'm doing and have this id...
Views: 443   Replies: 1
Last Post: Dec 15, 2005 6:35am
by Gerard
hi, call it de-je-vu,or just a coincidence,but i could'nt help but be give a little wow! i had a dream on the 2nd of dec , i dreamed that i was given an official looking form to sign, off a female on a black horse, on looking at it,i realised my surname had b...
Views: 580   Replies: 3
Last Post: Dec 13, 2005 8:15am
by steve
Dating Young Girl
Hey Gerard, Well, now the dream about my ex-girlfriend seems to have been altered. In last night's dreams, I dreamt of meeting a girl who was far too young to be dating--she was a minor. However, she approached me and wanted to talk. Her father was angry that she...
Views: 424   Replies: 4
Last Post: Dec 13, 2005 1:01am
by Alan
Site link - Internet Sacred Text Archive
Hi All, Another web site that may be of interest is the Internet Sacred Text Archive site. Free access to a large number of complete original texts of mythology, religion, spirituality, folklore, etc. From the About page: “This site is a freely available...
Views: 503   Replies: 0
Last Post: Dec 12, 2005 7:57pm
by Kathy
ex boyfriend and wrestler
I had this weird dream the other night involving my ex-boyfriend whom I lived with for nine years in Massachusetts and the long ago wrestler Capt. Lou Albano. I was walking with Capt. Lou in front of my ex's mobile home and at the time my ex was outside watering the...
Views: 442   Replies: 4
Last Post: Dec 12, 2005 6:31pm
by Connie P.
Questionnair for Posted Dreams
I have given much thought to the questionnair for those who post their dreams. I believe to protect privacy and not to turn people off I will provide a detailed questionnair but the answers will be private information. Besides keeping the information private the form...
Views: 519   Replies: 0
Last Post: Dec 12, 2005 5:41pm
by Gerard
My World Under Attack
I was living in a house with my estranged mother and father, an ex-boyfriend named Devin who I haven't seen in a long time, and a few other friends. The house was in shamles. Somehow we all got into a fight and piled up all our belongings in to a towering mess of clo...
Views: 445   Replies: 1
Last Post: Dec 12, 2005 7:06am
by Gerard
weird dream
so I had this really wierd dream...I usually never remember any of my dreams so the fact that I remembered this one strikes me weird. It came in movie scenes or something. I was sleeping and it was very windy and my dad stepped in my room and said "we...
Views: 427   Replies: 1
Last Post: Dec 12, 2005 6:25am
by Gerard
This dream still creeps me out till this day. What happend in my dream is not at all exaggerated. It started out as a view of a spinning globe, sort of like a background for a news report. The Globe kept spinning back and forth. It was looking for an area of the...
Views: 557   Replies: 0
Last Post: Dec 11, 2005 9:21pm
by John
Question to all about details of posted dreams
I have been given serious thought about requiring a questionaire for everyone to fill in when posting a dream. Age and gender and some other details would be a requiremment and I would have space where more details about how the dreamer can be expanded beyond the dre...
Views: 517   Replies: 10
Last Post: Dec 11, 2005 8:54pm
by jessica foulks
Kill Cheryl with a Rock Hammer
Hi All, Think humor relates to the dream because most of the dream played like a Monty Python skit! (Which rocks because I love Python!) The rock hammer has me stumped...remember while dreaming recognizing it is a rock hammer, rather than a regular hammer, held spe...
Views: 413   Replies: 3
Last Post: Dec 11, 2005 6:29pm
by Kathy
human head, squid or octopus-like appendages coming out of the head
This was a very, very disturbing dream. I'm not asking for a meaning,(although it would be nice), but it would be cool to share. It started out under water. I was looking up at all the ships floating across when this enormous, blue, octopus-man (as described i...
Views: 460   Replies: 1
Last Post: Dec 11, 2005 9:10am
by Gerard
It was my first week out of 10 months in my foreign exchange year in Germany. (real life) I went to bed that night and had a dream of hands with white gloves behind a black backround trying frantically to say something to me. Sicne they were hands, of course they cou...
Views: 465   Replies: 2
Last Post: Dec 11, 2005 9:04am
by Gerard
Sorry to flood but I have a lot.
I keep having this horrid recurring dream of catching an UGLY, filthy, gigantic fish out of a small dirty puddle. The fish tends to be flat and ribbon-like. In every dream I'm exited that I have the catch of my life until it comes out, usually hissing or chomping dow...
Views: 454   Replies: 1
Last Post: Dec 11, 2005 8:46am
by Gerard
Sex With Ex-Girlfriend
Hey, I have had this reccuring dream where I am with my exgirlfriend and we are just starting to see each other again (this is not happening in real life). They follow the same trend as the one I had last night. Here goes. Somehow I meet up with my ex. She is g...
Views: 420   Replies: 1
Last Post: Dec 11, 2005 8:07am
by Gerard
Dirty Water and Restricted Vision?
My dream: I woke up and took a bath as usual, but the bathtub was in my room and the water was disgusting! It was a big square tub, the size of my bed, and very deep, not over my head though. I think there were fish swimming around in it! The bath just kept going...
Views: 415   Replies: 5
Last Post: Dec 10, 2005 8:55am
by Gerard
I recently dreamed I and my work mates were on a staff outing to play paintball except it was samurai swording and we cut each other to bits instead of shooting paintballs at each other. Everyone in the dream decided it eas the worst staff trip ever, all of us in ba...
Views: 365   Replies: 1
Last Post: Dec 10, 2005 8:50am
by Gerard
dead friends talking
I told my friend I would try to help him out on this. He has nightmares everynight. Several of his friends have died by either car accidents or they have killed themselves. he was very close to all of them and the day each of them died he had some kind of contact...
Views: 424   Replies: 1
Last Post: Dec 9, 2005 6:23am
by Gerard
We were on a school bus in the inner city. I knew about some severe weather and was stressing. I looked off into the distance and saw a funnel cloud and started freaking out. I said that we needed to get inside onee of these tall buildings. After a struggle, we f...
Views: 515   Replies: 1
Last Post: Dec 9, 2005 6:14am
by Gerard
Hiding from father?
I had the weirdest dream last night - me and my boyfriend were walking around a festival that is held in my hometown and I saw my semi-abusive father walking around angrily looking for someone. He doesn't know anout me and my boyfriend (who I am confused about - he's...
Views: 404   Replies: 1
Last Post: Dec 8, 2005 6:21am
by Gerard
hi my name is chris this is my first time writing all i can remember about my dream.there was a woman and she was tempting me to have sex with her. even thoe i am married and new this in the dream i did it annyway and felt guilty. the next thing i remember is standin...
Views: 537   Replies: 1
Last Post: Dec 6, 2005 6:20pm
by Kathy
peak experience
hi all, i would be grateful for any thoughts on this dream. especialy the word EVEREST! the dream. i am climbing up mount everest with a female,i reach a very narrow ridge,only 6 inches wide. i am worried that one misplaced step either side, is instant death,t...
Views: 404   Replies: 2
Last Post: Dec 6, 2005 8:08am
by steve
Hi Everyone, I have recently made some big changes in my life. The night I decided to make a big decision I had this dream. I am on a bycicle, going to work. I realize at one point that I have no job so decide to take Winnie to the park instead. There is a little...
Views: 485   Replies: 4
Last Post: Dec 6, 2005 12:50am
by Leslie
Beautiful colors and pit bulls
2005.18.11 I was walking home from somewhere, I don't know where and it was getting dark. The sky was a beautiful shade of grey and navy and there was a touch of whiteness left from the day. There were large clouds threatening to open up and a cool breeze that had...
Views: 466   Replies: 2
Last Post: Dec 5, 2005 10:34pm
by BJ Walker
Titanic x3 and Beautiful Blue Eyed Woman
Okay, I'm sick at the moment and I went to sleep at 1:30 today, I guess medicine does give you weird dreams. Okay, from what I can remember, I had been on the Titanic and survived. So I went back in time to see if I could save anyone. I don't think I did, I thin...
Views: 427   Replies: 3
Last Post: Dec 5, 2005 4:06pm
by Aaron
Hello all, I had a dream last night that I wanted some feedback on. I'm having trouble connecting the dots. I'm in a room that I don't recognize. Lots of dark wood and definitely has an "old" feel to it. I get the impression that it hasn't been used in a whil...
Views: 490   Replies: 2
Last Post: Dec 5, 2005 3:17pm
by drshell
Tonight I had 3 dreams back to back. 1st: I was among stewardesses. Two of them were Austrians in their blue-redish outfits and started undressing themselfs. Later on I saw a lot of naked women. In my next dream I went into a little fenced yard. The yard was rather...
Views: 407   Replies: 2
Last Post: Dec 5, 2005 1:49pm
by Olivia
Relationships and rape murder and toffee
Dreamed; A good fiend who has just been married confides in me, telling how she is unhappy and wants to leave her husband of one year. She wants to got to someone; but not to something intense, which our relationship in dream is. Intense. Lots of holding and head pr...
Views: 415   Replies: 3
Last Post: Dec 5, 2005 9:11am
by Gerard
disturbing dream
A while back I had a dream of an old woman screaming at me face to face. The dream was short but as the woman screamed she began to change into what I would say was a banshee. Any ideas?
Views: 386   Replies: 1
Last Post: Dec 5, 2005 7:32am
by Gerard
There was a party at my home with a lot of friends and family. Also at this at party, all of my ex boyfriends were in attendence. I was talking to my sister when ex #1 came up to me and started talking. He then asked me if I still loved him, and I told him no, then...
Views: 400   Replies: 1
Last Post: Dec 5, 2005 7:16am
by Gerard
In the dream, I was at a funeral of someone but I dont know who it was, my ex-boyfriend's mother was at the funeral. After the funeral she came up to me and and asked me how I knew the deceased and I told her that he was a friend of mine, she said that she knew his f...
Views: 410   Replies: 1
Last Post: Dec 5, 2005 7:04am
by Gerard
The Bank
I pull my truck over to the side of the road where my bank is. I get out and am folding my work jeans. I see a woman go by in her vehicle and give me the finger. I think it is my friend Linda from work and laugh it off, but it is not Linda. The woman pulls over a...
Views: 535   Replies: 2
Last Post: Dec 4, 2005 12:12pm
by Maureen
Ex boyfriend talking with
I saw my ex he had a look on his face that he had when he was really desparate to make up after falling out with me we walked an talked and he went to buy a sandwich at one point he crushed a lemon under his foot he was really intense all the way through.
Views: 553   Replies: 3
Last Post: Dec 3, 2005 6:35pm
by Kathy
I had this dream where I had ashes, and the taste thereof, in my mouth. I couldn't spit them out and had to wipe them out with my finger. I normally wouldn't care about this so much but this is the second time in a week where I have had some kind of filth in my mouth...
Views: 474   Replies: 6
Last Post: Dec 3, 2005 2:46pm
by Gerard
A break for freedom
Gerad, As I'd mentioned on my previous post, I want to share this dream that ties in to the other under "Scottish Journeyman". An older oriental man (like a spiritual teacher, loosely resembling a Buddist monk) is teaching myself and a group of students sittin...
Views: 446   Replies: 2
Last Post: Dec 2, 2005 4:09pm
by Shelly
ex baoyfrienf in my house
I keep having reocurring dream about my ex being in my house. Last dream I had we were together in a gardern with some friends and my sister finds a man for herself ( in real life she split from her partner) and my ex came and gave a hug and we suppose to go to town...
Views: 413   Replies: 2
Last Post: Dec 2, 2005 7:29am
by Eva
A Wonderful Group of People at the Dream Forum
I again want to thank all of you who contribute to the Dream Forum by helping others understand their dreams. As many of you know I am self employed and it often requires a lot of my time and energy. Because of this I often can not give the time I wish to give to ans...
Views: 530   Replies: 0
Last Post: Dec 2, 2005 7:11am
by Gerard
sweetest touch
I have been in another country away from my boyfriend for a year, hoping to return when possible. The following dream has been repeating all this time: After a long time I am finnaly back to my boyfriends arms. We enjoy ourselves, just cuddling and huging. When there...
Views: 420   Replies: 1
Last Post: Dec 2, 2005 6:56am
by Gerard
Taken from wedding to a graduation
Hi to everyone, had this dream last night, a young slender guy about 18/19 years old comes to pick me up[I don't him, yet feel totally comfortable with him], he tells me he's taking me to a wedding, suddenly we've arrived at a beauti...
Views: 370   Replies: 3
Last Post: Dec 2, 2005 2:54am
by Donna L
i dreamed of a dead horse
alright i ususally dont freak out over dreams but this one really made i dont know feel wierd. i was at my work place and i saw this brown beautiful horse with a whit spot on the forehead. i just stayed in awe with its beauty,and then i just got a sword and i cut...
Views: 428   Replies: 4
Last Post: Dec 2, 2005 2:24am
by Hermes
union with the goddess
hi gerard and all, i felt i needed to post this dream,as it contains quite clearly mythological and individuation motifs. the dream. i am standing next to a river of primordial ooze,some sort of negative energy pulls someone from me down into the depths, i jump i...
Views: 435   Replies: 2
Last Post: Dec 1, 2005 6:37am
by steve
Hi All, Understand the personal (stalled decison) & deeper meaning (at a crossroad & masculine assistance appropriate where feminine retains authority) here except the unknown voice. Is the voice more likely ego or unconscious? It had a 'divine' inner source tone b...
Views: 466   Replies: 6
Last Post: Nov 30, 2005 6:08am
by Kathy
Scottish Journeyman
I see a man enter a village on foot. He is dressed with a buckled leather strap cross-wise across his chest. A green tartan drape is gathered on the right shoulder under the belt. He kneels down at a pool of water, takes off his hat (a straight, wide brimmed almost c...
Views: 406   Replies: 3
Last Post: Nov 28, 2005 5:46am
by Gerard
white wolves
Hey everyone, I've been having a lot of trouble remembering dreams lately. I've also been having a lot of nightmares where I wake up feeling nauseous, but I can't ever remember what happened. To be honest, that article about child sexual assualt really sparked some...
Views: 458   Replies: 4
Last Post: Nov 28, 2005 12:48am
by Justin
wierd dream stuff, any insight?
Recently I had one of those wierd dreams that don't quickly fade into obscurity after waking and vex you for days afterwords. background: I broke it off with my X lover of 4yrs about 3 months ago. I have gone through alot of the typical emotional backlash from th...
Views: 430   Replies: 2
Last Post: Nov 27, 2005 12:14pm
by jeensntshirt
Well in my dream i met the perfect guy who happenes to be my boyfriend and we got married but after we got married I started to get scared of him and of evryone around me and I ran and ran but I wasnt going anywere it was scary!
Views: 406   Replies: 1
Last Post: Nov 27, 2005 6:42am
by Gerard
recently recurring character
hello, i'm walking through a wooded area when i come across a dilapidated building. entering the building i notice that there is only a narrow walkway between the far right wall and a row of large machines overgrown with vines, and as i move along i find myself look...
Views: 398   Replies: 3
Last Post: Nov 27, 2005 6:35am
by Gerard
Biblical dream
I really can't figure out why I am having dreams lately when, before, I never dreamt of anything. Could be the new mattress and boxspring I bought for my bad back. This is the dream - it takes place down the street from where I live (Great South Bay) I dreamt that I...
Views: 461   Replies: 7
Last Post: Nov 26, 2005 3:06pm
by Connie P.
bulemic sister
My older sister suffers from bulemia/anorexia but choses not to admit to it. She has been wasting away for sometime now and refuses to accept any criticism concerning the way she looks at present, skeletal. I have even tried to tell our mother, but she, too, doesn'...
Views: 531   Replies: 1
Last Post: Nov 26, 2005 8:19am
by Gerard
Dirty room and sex
I had a dream that I was with a beautiful woman in her twenties, she had olive colored skin, long brown hair, and beautiful green eyes. We entered a room, we were naked, and she started giving me oral sex, I specially noticed how her lips felt (she had full lips). We...
Views: 480   Replies: 5
Last Post: Nov 23, 2005 6:50am
by Gerard
house on fire
My house is on fire; I’m running around in a frantic effort to get everyone out of the house. The first floor is burning and I can feel the heat, as it’s getting intense and unbearable with each passing moment. I check all the bedrooms on the second floor...
Views: 388   Replies: 1
Last Post: Nov 23, 2005 6:28am
by Gerard
I would like to know why and for what reason would I dream about little fruitcakes dancing around? Could it be that I have lots on my mind or is it because the holidays are coming up. The other night I dreamt that I woke up to go to the bathroom and I saw little frui...
Views: 442   Replies: 3
Last Post: Nov 22, 2005 6:37pm
by Connie P.
invisible hand
hi, i would be grateful if anyone could help me with this dream,i am a bit puzzled by one section of it,the words that are written, i am looking out through two windows,one left the other right, they are covered in condensation . an invisible finger writes on the...
Views: 542   Replies: 3
Last Post: Nov 22, 2005 6:10pm
by Kathy
I keep having dreams where my teeth are about to fall out - either one or all of them. And usually no one is willing to help. I've had these dreams for several years already. They are very disturbing
Views: 418   Replies: 2
Last Post: Nov 21, 2005 11:15pm
by Joa
Hi, What does rock symbolize in a dream? I dreamt that I was standing and sitting in a rock at the top.Some known person was also beside me. I was calm and happy seated in the rock and I try to get down and move up in the rock and found some inconvenience and fea...
Views: 410   Replies: 2
Last Post: Nov 21, 2005 10:32pm
by Ojovathi Sankar
ya know, I just realized who you are. Jerry from the Dream Doctor? huge kudo's to you for establishing this site. I wanted to let you know that I met with a Jungian dream worker today and am now able to make some sense of what's going on. Lot's of work to do but...
Views: 463   Replies: 2
Last Post: Nov 21, 2005 10:26pm
by Leslie
An Outline of Analytical Psychology link
Hi All, Found this article to be helpful in placing each aspect in context to the whole. For those of us just starting out it may offer a bit more clarity of the overall Jungian model. This is an outline so the more experienced here will probably find it elementa...
Views: 564   Replies: 0
Last Post: Nov 21, 2005 5:41pm
by Kathy
My Husband, sex and suicide.
Tuesday 8th November, 2005. I don't remember the beginning of the dream but I do know that my husband and I were at a holiday resort and I met a young dark haired woman, she was thin and attractive. she was telling me that she hadn't had sex in a long time and ne...
Views: 535   Replies: 11
Last Post: Nov 21, 2005 3:58am
by Steffy
Betrayal of Trust
The dream started when i was going to a friends house for a party. Most of my were there the ones i keep in contact with. We were going to the party, so we went there and my girlfriend(which i am single)from elementry was there all grown up plus it was her party. The...
Views: 672   Replies: 7
Last Post: Nov 20, 2005 10:21am
by Marie
Two rusty chains dig into my wrist as I’m hung high for none to see. Knives slashing at my skin and muscle, ripping it off my bones like it was nothing. My eyes dark brown, with crimson tears coming down. Around me is an endless abyss of screaming pains and oth...
Views: 405   Replies: 1
Last Post: Nov 20, 2005 7:14am
by steve
Finding (pound) coins in the sand by the sea?
I was with some friends (not familiar in real life) by the seaside and found that there are pound coins all over the shore in the sand. The coins supposedely where washed out by the sea. It was a very vivid dream unlike the usuall ones I have. Any ideas anyone?
Views: 441   Replies: 2
Last Post: Nov 19, 2005 2:29pm
by steve
attack dream
hi everyone, geeze.. I get tired of posting these horrible dreams here. anyway, I'm up in the night with this one. Here's a little history.. when I was a little girl, my Dad hit my brother so many times once, I lost count. Then he came after me. I was 12 or 13. Th...
Views: 474   Replies: 2
Last Post: Nov 19, 2005 6:25am
by Leslie
What Are Archetypes?
What is the final definition of an archetype? Here is a new site that gives valuable clues not only to what Jung really meant by the word archetype but also how archetypes express themselves, the archetype's link to premordial mind and the value of archetypes. Wh...
Views: 400   Replies: 3
Last Post: Nov 19, 2005 6:17am
by Leslie
A.I. Alien Invasion
I don't remeber this dream quite clearly, so i'll try my best. I was at a friends house we where outside talking and acting crazy. Then i had this feeling that something bad was comming. There were houses in different patterns like zig zags on top of hills with a...
Views: 408   Replies: 4
Last Post: Nov 18, 2005 7:44pm
by Kathy
charlies angels
i was in a very famous temple in india, running down a corridor like hall with two other girls with me-both friends, and we were spys, i think, wearing leather suits, very high heeled boots, carrying guns and looking all together very sexy. One side of the hall was...
Views: 420   Replies: 4
Last Post: Nov 18, 2005 5:45pm
by Jo
my mother and i
i was driving around in a car with my mother, her gm(my mentor), the Manging director(MD) of the company and two other people. I use to be a manager with this company and i still have a good relationship with them. We stopped to check out a building(pastel blue) and...
Views: 2258   Replies: 5
Last Post: Nov 18, 2005 6:22am
by Gerard
recurring death dreams
Hi maybe someone can help make sense of these dreams. I have recurring dreams (once every 3 months). I awaken and I am wearing a hospital gown. I'm groggy and sleepy, not fully alert. A nurse comes into the tiny room I am in. She has a huge vaccine in her hand and t...
Views: 391   Replies: 1
Last Post: Nov 17, 2005 4:40pm
by Gerard
Friend Is Kidnapped & Raped
We were in Jordan’s (My friend) back yard. All of a sudden, three boys come up to us and try to drag her away. I try to help but they shoot me with these poisoned spurs. I was paralyzed as they dragged her off. Suddenly, the kidnappers turned into another f...
Views: 465   Replies: 3
Last Post: Nov 17, 2005 4:07pm
by Aaron
This is why this site ROCKS, Gerard...
Hi, how is every one? Firstly i would like to thank you Gerard, it takes a really wonderful person to do what you do, and for being so open minded and dedicated, so many people should take a leaf from your dream book! I posted my dream," My husband, sex and su...
Views: 418   Replies: 1
Last Post: Nov 17, 2005 6:03am
by Gerard
Close Male friend Ducktaped to a chair, and dead in an empty room
I had a dream that my close Male friend was ductaped to a chair in the middle of an empty room in his house, and He was dead. And I woke up crying, Any thoughts?
Views: 400   Replies: 1
Last Post: Nov 16, 2005 9:10pm
by Gerard
Hair on the palms of my hands
I can't really remember much of most of the dream, except that I was trying to cleanout a room(my kids' maybe ?) There were a lot of people around and at some point I look at my hands - my palms and there are several hairs growing out of them, about 2"-3" long, some...
Views: 393   Replies: 3
Last Post: Nov 16, 2005 8:57pm
by Gerard
Thank you Leslie
Hi Leslie THANK YOU so much for the input. You are right, Michael is truly a formidable warrior and I do call on him in my own everyday life. I use to journal but haven't done much lately but will starting doing it again. I also will make a conscious effort...
Views: 404   Replies: 1
Last Post: Nov 16, 2005 12:40pm
by Leslie
i had a dream where i was stading in front of my mirror and i had a zit and i went to pop it and a worm like parasite came out at first it was brown then it turned a yellow green color and started to crawl on my face i freaked out and turned the sink on and put it do...
Views: 367   Replies: 3
Last Post: Nov 16, 2005 5:16am
by Gerard
Same dream several years
Hi, I hope someone can interpret this dream as I have been having it for the last several years and it always comes 3 nights in a row, then maybe not have the dream for several months. I am always with the same man, I know exactly what he looks like, color or hair...
Views: 390   Replies: 2
Last Post: Nov 16, 2005 2:27am
by Leslie
Dead body-mine?
my dream started out in a beach, with my two cousins. My female cousin,and my late male cousin.He passed away almost 3yrs ago.We were the only people at the beach, I was naked.All of a sudded a lot of people arrived.My late cousin handed me a towel.[the dream changes...
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Last Post: Nov 15, 2005 5:09pm
by Gerard
keys, time travel, christening, memory loss
i dreamed i was babysitting a small toddler. my boyfriend came over dressed in a suit to go to a christening. i told him we were supposed to attend one, but he prefered ot go to another one without me. he said he was talking to his good female friend aobut me and...
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Last Post: Nov 14, 2005 4:57pm
by Gerard
i'm currious for as long as i can remember i've pretty much had two kinds of dreams. the first is that in the middle of the dream i flap my arms and start flying and i continue to do so until the dream is over. the other is more of a fighting dream i fight someone i'...
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Last Post: Nov 14, 2005 2:26pm
by Gerard
Recurring Ex-boyfriend
My high-school ex-boyfriend has appeared in my dreams for months now. It is always pleasurable and we are always draw near each other, no matter the setting. My most recent dream involved him sitting at a table and asking if I could sit and talk with him. I wanted...
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Last Post: Nov 14, 2005 2:21pm
by Gerard
Please Help us
Before I go into the dream let me just say that I don't remember much. I was watching tv this morning and I saw stairs. That's when it triggered my memory of this dream that I was on top of a staircase and I am so scared and frantic and my hand was reaching out for...
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Last Post: Nov 14, 2005 2:24am
by Justin
please help me understand what these dreams mean
hey, ok the first time i have the dream it starts with me and my friend leaving from the movies in a hurry, because she feels sick (this actually happended in real life)and as we are walking down the street the area we are in starts to change into a more darker gloo...
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Last Post: Nov 14, 2005 1:34am
by Justin
North Dakota and a warning for the priest
For two nights in a row I had this dream where a women has woken me up in order for me to warn her son, a priest, not to go to North Dakota. She is very intense about this. So, when I approach the priest, he is on a black phone talking to his brother in law about pi...
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Last Post: Nov 13, 2005 7:53pm
by Kelly
I had a dream that my mother-in-law was living next to us. She had a lot of friends over and all of them were bringing to her small, smooth, ivorish stones. There was aslo my mum where who didn't bring anything. My M-I-L didn't seem to be very happy about the crowd a...
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Last Post: Nov 13, 2005 3:16pm
by Olivia
bad dream
Hi, I had this bad dream and so here goes. I am at a dance for the disabled and some guy comes up and rubs against me. I turn around and give him a dirty look and he goes away. Then this other guy comes up and leans his whole body up against me from behind. I tur...
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Last Post: Nov 13, 2005 10:20am
by Leslie
Ancient history web site
This site may be of interest to those who want to explore ancient history in relation to mythology or a general interest. It appears to contain a substantial amount of information on the subject of ancient cultures of Greece, Mesopotamia, Judea, etc. Much to examine...
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Last Post: Nov 13, 2005 8:38am
by Gerard
dog bite
Dreamt i was in a big house at a party and there was a few friends around, my sister was there as well, this dog walks into the room and my sister says to me its ok its a friendly dog, so i put my hand out and it grips on to it and digs its teeth deep and it locks on...
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Last Post: Nov 13, 2005 12:50am
by kelly
white house
you know i had this really weird dream a couple of months ago that really freaked me out and i still cant figure out. im in this beautiful white house and im dressed in white. im walking on this white marble staircase when all of a sudden i see my sister but shes...
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Last Post: Nov 12, 2005 7:34pm
by Andrea
car or wife
Ihad a dream that my husband and me was in a pub,and my husband was bartering,with another for me,my husband said he wanted a new car for me the other guy said i was a used modle an had done a few miles,my husband said yeah but she still got a good few miles left in...
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Last Post: Nov 12, 2005 11:09am
by just me
Alien Crash Landing
Okay, I definetly see some symbols in this dream, but I can't tell what exactly they are: We were going to be able to see a satellite going across the sky. Like when they look like stars moving quickly across the sky. Anyway, we were watching and suddenly I saw...
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Last Post: Nov 12, 2005 11:04am
by Kathy
car in woods
My friend had this dream, but she doesnt have a comp, so I told her I would figure it out for her. . . Anyways, she had a dream that she went to a party and when she parked, a man did a U-ey and stopped so close he almost hit her car. Then he gave her a really dir...
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Last Post: Nov 12, 2005 7:01am
by Gerard
Department store, a park, my son, his school.
I deramt that I entered a department store which was part of a shopping mall. It appeared familiar in my dream, but does not represent one I know in waking life. In order to access the store from outside I had to walk through the restaurant area. Another dream...
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Last Post: Nov 11, 2005 7:18am
by s Williams
Thanks For The Help
I want to thank all for helping with interpretations the last several days. Im almost over my bout with the flu and hope to be back to shape by the weekend. Some great advice given. You can tell serious Jungians by their dedication to learn. And you can tell when the...
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Last Post: Nov 11, 2005 5:54am
by Gerard
dragged by feet off bed
Last night I dreamt that I was lying on my back in my bed, (which I was) and that there was a window opposite the foot of my bed. I felt that I was not alone in the room, although I'm not sure I believe in supernatural prescences. I then experienced the sensation of...
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Last Post: Nov 11, 2005 5:39am
by Gerard
mansion dream
Gerard: I am an astrologer. I posted a few dreams back in the early part of this year and it was very revealing and enjoyable. This is a dream of one of my clients that I would like to present to you for your interpretation. I will give some comments after the fac...
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Last Post: Nov 10, 2005 4:03pm
by Gerard
Need Help!!!!
Well friends the bug has gotten to me, I have the flu. If any of the regulars at the Forum can help with recent dream requests I would be most appreciative. Hopefully by the end of the week my body and mind will be fully functional once again. I really don't feel lik...
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Last Post: Nov 9, 2005 9:17am
by s Williams
Children's dreams
I would think that dreams differ at different ages/phases in life and I've been searching for information about children's dreams for quite some time with no success. Do you know of any books, literature or sites that address these? Thanks!
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Last Post: Nov 8, 2005 11:33pm
by Justin
The Baby Boomer Generation Flollowing Their Bliss
How many times has it be said at the Dream Forum that finding the true self is what the inner search is all about? Joseph Campbell's call to follow your bliss is in full form in today's Boomer generation {which I am a part at age 55}. Here is an article from today's...
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Last Post: Nov 8, 2005 9:18pm
by Kathy
My Sister and Cancer
Hello everyone, I'm a newcomer here. Last night I had an extremely vivid dream where my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was very strange, considering that she is my identical twin and only 18. That's pretty much all that happened... I kept saying, "get...
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Last Post: Nov 8, 2005 8:29pm
by Andrea
mine and husband dream
On Friday night my husband had a dream that a recent relative who passed away (killed himself) had come to a celebration we were having. My husband said to the relative "I thought you were dead" the relative replied "it was all a hoax, my girlfriend needed some mone...
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Last Post: Nov 8, 2005 4:27pm
by minnie
Archetypal Patterns in Nature
An interesting article at MSNBC news website that may have a relationship to Jung's archetypes. It is about the birdlike carnivoreous dinosaur found in South America. Until recently it was thought that dinasours only roamed the North American and Asian continents and...
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Last Post: Nov 7, 2005 1:12pm
by Urthona
strange people
I had this dream last week that I had woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and there were 4 strange men sitting at my kitchen table. I screamed, "who are you people" and how did you get in my house. One of them said that they were friends of my so...
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Last Post: Nov 7, 2005 12:33pm
by Connie P.
The Fish Pre-Dating the Cross
Often dreams have fish as symbolic metaphors within them. And often this symbol is seen as the true self, the spiritual self. A new archeological find in Israel provides insights to early Christianity that pre-dates the cross. And the mosiac of the fish is the primar...
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Last Post: Nov 7, 2005 5:14am
by Gerard
visiting someone with an aquarium. In aquarium was a cylindar made of clear celluloid in which several tropical fish swam. I was worried about how to move it as they were going to be moving it. While I was checking out the aquarium I noticed one of the fish out of...
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Last Post: Nov 6, 2005 11:52am
by Gerard
Weird, Stephen King Dream
I had a dream a few nights ago that I was living a Stephen King book. I was waiting for an elevator to come so I could go up a few stories. I believe I was in a hospital. When I boarded there were two women on already. They were standing on opposite sides so I as...
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Last Post: Nov 6, 2005 8:02am
by Gerard
shamans cave
the other day,i was reading an article on,the approach to the innermost cave,the realm of the ordeal,in the hero journey . my dreams of late have been about this realm,and making me aware of where i am. the dream i had was this, i am looking at a map,covered in ic...
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Last Post: Nov 6, 2005 7:33am
by Gerard
I have been with a woman for 5 years now and we have a 3 year old son together. I have had several dreams on this subject lately but the most recent one is troubling me the most. In the dream I go to the house of a female friend who I have known for a few years now...
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Last Post: Nov 6, 2005 7:24am
by Gerard
Practical Astrology
MYTHIC RESIDUES? by Stephen L. Gerringer The Joseph Campbell Foundation Do popular forms of divination today employ active, effective symbols, or are they merely the traces of fading myths mistakenly read literally, taken as concrete fact? Even today, peo...
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Last Post: Nov 4, 2005 5:57pm
by Connie P.
Fake Snake
Hello – I’ve been having the same daydream/dream for the past week and thought I’d ask for some input. I am in some kind of contest or obstacle course where my team is competing against other teams that takes place in an outside setting…..a...
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Last Post: Nov 3, 2005 6:52pm
by drshell
snake made love to me
I have had the strangest and most healing dream ever last night. I hav always had a phobia of snakes and have repeatedly dreamt of being in a room (bedroom sometimes) where snakes are coming in through all kinds of holes. but last night, i had a healing dream with a...
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Last Post: Nov 3, 2005 10:24am
by Gerard
Hi, my name is Jason. I just recently came across this site and decided to try out the accuracy of the dream interpretation. My dream starts out as my friend and I and his female friend are leaving the mall, and I purchased a pair of red air shoes, which I'm guessin...
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Last Post: Nov 2, 2005 9:26am
by Jason
Last night I had a disturbing dream. The only part I remember is seeing a two-headed snake on a platform. The snake moved towards me and the two heads were taking turns hitting me on the back of my neck. They were hitting the back of my neck because I was kneeling...
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Last Post: Nov 1, 2005 8:44am
by Marion
Man and His Symbols - The Jungian Bible
All true Jungians know of Jung's Man and His Symbols. The link is a page I designed that gives a synopsis of this great work . This is a book that really explians os much to do with the psyche and dreams. After reading it sometime in the mid-90s, I really began to re...
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Last Post: Nov 1, 2005 8:19am
by Marion
Hi guys I had an interesting dream last night. I was in a crowd with whom I was familiar. Suddenly i started to see them as double. One was apparantly themselves and the others were their shadows-transparant. I thought to myself that it was enough to take things for...
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Last Post: Nov 1, 2005 7:06am
by Marion
Ex's house. Painting on the wall.
I dreamt that I was living in a house which was ine in the dream (but did not represent the one that I live in). There was a glass conservatory attached to my left. A woman who represented a friend (but was not anyone I recognised in waking life) came round and stood...
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Last Post: Oct 31, 2005 7:33am
by s Williams
Egypt & aliens
Gerard, Read your post so whenever you have time. Again, a lengthy dream, again, my apologies. The good news is I believe all but one symbol is clear. Included the character map, entire dream and abbreviated, essentials only, interpretation below each paragraph....
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Last Post: Oct 30, 2005 9:31pm
by Kathy
Medeval Knights and the warrior princess
The dream starts of in a hugh castle there was theses royal blue and gold banners every were. I was sitting around this fire in the middle of the castle with two other warriors who had colors of there own.(one in red&gold,other in green&yellow,my colors were midnight...
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Last Post: Oct 30, 2005 6:09pm
by Gary W
Marion Woodman, Jungian Analyst
For those who have yet to discover Marion Woodman, here is a link to her page listing several of her excellent audio books. Ms Woodman uses dream psychology when working with addictions and has broken new ground with her insights to the dream and psyche. Her audio bo...
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Last Post: Oct 29, 2005 6:59pm
by Gerard
Death of Tori Amos
This one has a moral behind it. It is really weird... I was watching Desperate Housewives when Brie cut her wrist and began bleeding. Somehow, her and Tori where one in the same. So I was crying and screaming that Tori died. I had to find out where she lived. So...
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Last Post: Oct 29, 2005 8:15am
by Gerard
My daughters dream
My daughter dreams that she is in a building with her 5 year old daughter. In the center of the building there is a hole, with water in it. Her daughter, thinking it's shallow, jumps in. It turns out to be very deep. My daughter jumps in after her. She tries to grab...
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Last Post: Oct 28, 2005 7:30pm
by Gerard
female horse
hi Gerard i know on many occasions you have stressed the importance of allowing the female side of our (male) nature a more dominant role. this dream of mine reflects this truth, i am invited by some native americans (cheyenne)to ride with them. they ride on ahea...
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Last Post: Oct 28, 2005 6:34am
by Gerard
A Message From Gerard
The next few weeks I will be very busy with my work {my day job} and will not be able to respond to dream requests as quickly as I would like. Please be patient. I will get to all dreams asap. And follow-up posts. Follow-up reponses are very important for me because...
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Last Post: Oct 26, 2005 8:00am
by Gerard
Why Is It...
That we can feel pain in dreams? For example, I had a dream one time that my ankle was basically cut off, it was just hanging by some skin (Interpretation?) and when I awoke, my leg was really hurting. It is also odd how we can hear things. The brain is a powe...
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Last Post: Oct 26, 2005 7:50am
by Gerard
Chronology of Hurricane Katrina & Rita
For those interested in my postings on Hurricanes Katrina and Rita and my 'perceived' intuitive impressions, here is a chronology of the posts. Click on the links in red to see post{s}. Each post has something to do with my 'perceived 'intuitive impressions. Au...
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Last Post: Oct 26, 2005 7:38am
by Gerard
i dreamt that i was in bed with my husband, but we were not alone in the room, my cousin was there. We started having sex under the covers and my cousin then left. After we had both been satisfied I began giving him oral sex which I truly enjoyed.I think what concern...
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Last Post: Oct 26, 2005 7:26am
by Gerard
I had parked in the front of the Art Museum of the city I lived in before I moved back home. The museum was different...filled with carnival booths... I walked up to food stand and wanted to order something to eat but the men would not look at me so I left. A coupla...
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Last Post: Oct 26, 2005 7:17am
by Gerard
My Related Dreams...See Previous Post
Hi. This dream is another one that has been puzzling me. In this dream, I'm in another empty house. With other people. It seems important to keep this house secure, even though there are no material possessions inside. So, securing the people seems to be the objecti...
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Last Post: Oct 26, 2005 6:26am
by Gerard
Some More Dreams...
First: I was in my room with some friends. They were talking about some alien invasion and I turned my back. I got this weird feeling that aliens had just invaded my friend's bodies. I turned around and they were staring at me, strangely. They grabbed some of my...
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Last Post: Oct 24, 2005 9:06pm
by Aaron
Hi I dreamt last night that I was giving birth to twins. My mother (deceased 7 years) was holding my hand and there was no sign of a partner. I gave birth to a beautiful boy and girl and I named them beautiful names (which I think I'll hang onto, if I ever have ki...
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Last Post: Oct 24, 2005 5:33am
by Princess
garbage bags
i was walking through town talking with a male friend of mine, an old friend who i have been estranged from. We are still friends but don't spend as much time. We were both holding white garbage bags full of trash while we were walking, strolling actually, and catchi...
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Last Post: Oct 23, 2005 8:00pm
by Gerard
I am 22 weeks pregnant with my second child, my first was born 7 weeks early. In my dream i had my baby, a girl, 10 weeks early and they wouldn't let me see the baby. When i woke i had quite severe stomach cramps. I told my partner later on in the day about it and he...
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Last Post: Oct 23, 2005 9:31am
by donna bishop
Controlling and reccurence of a building
Hi, this is a dream I had a few nights ago, I'll write as much as i can remember, and i think i dreamed it beacsue of an idea a friend told me about how he can control his dreams so he can end up naked and not be worried abou it (that is just an example) I'm walki...
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Last Post: Oct 23, 2005 7:46am
by Gerard
Dancing tiger
Gerard, I'll post the questions for this dream later tonight. I hesitated to post these dreams as they're both lengthy. Which brings another question to mind I'll add to the question post. The characters: 1. The females are coworkers at a different location. A...
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Last Post: Oct 23, 2005 7:12am
by Gerard
handicapped lady
Dear Gerard, I hope you are very well. In my dream a friend I knew a few years back was visiting me. (her name is Anne and ‘anne’ means mother in my language). She is an aristocrat so I was proud that she was coming to stay at my house. As I was sh...
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Last Post: Oct 23, 2005 6:10am
by Gerard
Sharing my Partners Dream
The other night my partner and i were lying in bed just falling asleep. My partner had fallen asleep on my chest and i was lying with my eyes closed. All of a sudden i had this 'flash' of a mans face which was painted silver and black, i opened my eyes and my partn...
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Last Post: Oct 23, 2005 5:14am
by Gerard
Questions re: Dancing Tiger
Dream interpretation questions: 1. How much detail is too much? Is an outline rather than everything I recall, sufficient to get an accurate interpretation? 2. Many times on ‘significant’ dreams I encounter a block interpreting the end, the solution. I...
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Last Post: Oct 21, 2005 7:35am
by Gerard
reoccuring dreams of babies!
In the past two months since I have been away at school I keep having a dream with the same object in it. I always end up with a baby that is mine, the thing is though I am never pregnant in the dream, and I dont deliver the baby, I just all of a sudden have my own b...
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Last Post: Oct 20, 2005 3:58pm
by Gerard
bad breath
i had a crazy dream i had really bad breath an no one would come near me whats this mean anyone know
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Last Post: Oct 20, 2005 9:19am
by Gerard
eye dream
I had a very realistic dream which I am still pondering if it was real or not. I woke up in my dream and looked to the side and my eye turned the wrong way and partialy popped out of my head. I woke up, but I don't remember waking up. I laid awake for hours, and I a...
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Last Post: Oct 20, 2005 8:05am
by Gerard
mostly spiders and webs
In my dream I was looking at 3 spider webs. They were each in an almost perfect circle, and each had 6 smaller circles inside of them. From the middle of the webs there was a woven thread that went through a chain link fence to connect them to another set of webs tha...
Views: 540   Replies: 13
Last Post: Oct 20, 2005 7:59am
by Jennifer
In my dream I'm sitting at my kitchen table, and a large black scorpion crawls up my leg and onto the table. I makes a hissing sound, but never actually tries to sting me. I manage to knock it to the floor. I try to kill it by stepping on it, but it won't squish. T...
Views: 373   Replies: 3
Last Post: Oct 20, 2005 7:14am
by Gerard
Wild Animals, Fire
Recently, I found out that my husband has developed deep feelings for my best friend. She was transferred out of state to a new job with her husband along. However, when my husband was alone with my friend, she was trying to tell him how much she admires him, and tha...
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Last Post: Oct 19, 2005 5:28pm
by s Williams
dream about dad
My dad passed away in April of 2002 and I was very depressed cause I was always more close to my dad than my mom. I asked him for a sign (anything) just that I would know he would always be near. Two days after the funeral I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth and...
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Last Post: Oct 19, 2005 3:17pm
by connie P.
eating cake
A week ago i dreamt i was in a bakery shop tasting all the cakes and pastries. The shopkeeper had laid out many different samples on my plate and i was trying them out. Those i liked i ate and the others i left on the plate after one bite. This man came and sat next...
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Last Post: Oct 19, 2005 6:20am
by Gerard
For Those Using Thread Style-Chronology of Hurricanes Katrina, Rita & Wilma
You may not be aware of the two ways to view the Dream Forum. One is the Thread Style and the other is the Board Style. Both have different advantages. If you will look to the top of the page you will see either 'Switch to Board Style' or Switch to Thread Style', dep...
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Last Post: Oct 18, 2005 10:36am
by Gerard
Hello I m new to this forum and would like to post my first message : I was dreaming of a mass execution ordered by the new pope and he forced me to watch the execution. Help me find out what it means !! Thanks Andree
Views: 384   Replies: 3
Last Post: Oct 18, 2005 9:21am
by Gerard
Ego & Archetype questions
Hi All, Need some insight please. In reading Pathways to Bliss & working toward identifying personal archetype two significant and related dreams emerged which hold a profundity of the unconscious, the psyche, in seeking development. I woke from each dream with a...
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Last Post: Oct 18, 2005 6:16am
by Gerard
great battle
hi, after a quite period i had this very powerful, emotion filled dream, i am leading an army of knights and warriors in a battle against a chinese army,i give a pre battle speech,it makes no difference if were,scots,welsh irish,english,one land,one people. i tell...
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Last Post: Oct 17, 2005 4:24am
by steve
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